A Nigerian, Chijioke Stephen Obioha who was arrested for smuggling 2kg of Cannabis into Singapore was hanged to death on Friday. A member of the Singapore

Source: Nigerian hanged in Singapore for smuggling 2kg of cannabis – YNaija

The nightmare scenario: Sessions could block ballot initiatives, conduct raids on legal businesses and begin dismantling the legal cannabis industry that has already been established in Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska.

Source: Marijuana Industry Has The Jitters Over Jeff Sessions’ Nomination As Attorney General

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Employers are still allowed to test workers for marijuana use and terminate them for a positive result.

Source: Marijuana may be legal in California, but it can still get you fired

Democrats aren’t so fond of legalizing marijuana. Legalization supporters got rattled as Hillary Clinton vowed she’d enact tougher federal marijuana laws. Donald Trump is an unlikely but preferable alternative. Supporters of legalization are growing concerned over Hillary Clinton’s stance on legalizing marijuana. This is a major obstacle for Clinton’s campaign as they struggle to get millennial votes. This is no secret to the public […]

Source: Donald Trump – The Marijuana Candidate Of This Election

‘Aha Hui Lanakila, Inc., is a non-profit grassroots educational community services organization that is dedicated to helping people reduce stress, self-regulate emotions and build energy and resilience for healthy, happy lives. We propagate original knowledge of the Usui System of Natural Healing (Reiki), la’au lapa’au (naturopathy), pohaku la’au (crystalwork), Western esoteric mysticism, Sophian Gnosticism and Earth-based spirituality to perpetuate peaceful co-existence within our world community.


If You have a doctor recommendation, find a medical marijuana dispensary or medical marijuana delivery service in your area.


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