FreeMy Babies has been fighting for nearly 2 years to have her charges dismissed by the Butte County DA Jeff Greeson.

Eric L Salerno brought this to my attention today.  Thank You Eric!

FreeMy Babies has been fighting for nearly 2 years to have her charges dismissed by the Butte County DA Jeff Greeson.
Her attorney Michael Levinsohn filed a motion to exclude witness testimony with more than 3 facts that included a lack of value without basis, a lack of discovery, and lack of evidence without foundation. Judge James Reilly admitted that the credibility of the witness was suspect but denied the motion. The Butte County Human Solution Chapter shows up in force on Dec 6th !!

I am a student of life. Women, the Birthing Process & Babies are my passion. I believe in the healing power of green, conscious living. This study has been savagely attacked by the Orwellian state.
During a “compliance check” on Sept. 7 for our small, medicinal, organic cannabis garden, we were assured all was in order and “good luck with the baby.” 3 weeks later, my family’s home, behind a locked gate, on a private road, in the mountains, was raided in the early morning hours of Sept.29.
The baby- Zeus, (who I & my husband-Jayme- delivered ourselves) that they wished us luck with was only 3 weeks old the morning that he was violently ripped from my arms. He and and his brother,Thor, who was only 15 months old at the time of their state sanctioned kidnapping, were placed in foster care.
We were charged with Felony Cultivation, Possession for Sales, Felony Child Abuse, and here is the 1 that really does it: a pyrex dish discovered during the raid with alleged honey oil and 2 bottles of rubbing alcohol resulted in a charge of Manufacturing of a Controlled Substance other than PCP. A charge meant to be used for Meth Labs. In addition, we are Valid Patients, but there has been NO ATTEMPT to verify patient status.
Since that time we have worked our way through prelim, during which, the awe-inspiring, brilliant & passionate Michael Levinsohn & Jen Reeder freed me (Daisy) from the Manufacturing & Both Jayme & I from the Child Abuse. Despite this ADA Jeff Greeson has re-filed Felony Child Abuse charges against me for consumption of cannabis while breastfeeding.
We are being held to answer and will proceed to trial. This is on behalf of my babies, all the babies & each 1 of you. You- that deserve constitutional rights, you- that believe in a healing plant, you- that believe all of our babies deserve our very best.
If you want to help, please contact me. Blessing & Love to All of You.
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