Cannabis News and Links 11/02/2013

  1. Marijuana stench leads to grow site in Orosi area Fresno Bee An Orange Cove man was charged with narcotic-related crimes Friday after residents who lived by an Orosi-area marijuana grow complained about a 
  2. 5 arrested in Richmond marijuana growing investigation Palladium-Item David W. Lawman, 40, of 1840 S. 13th St., Apt. 342, was arrested on preliminary charges of cultivating marijuana and maintaining a common nuisance (both 
  3. Colorado to vote on how to tax marijuana — RT USA – RT After voting to legalize recreational marijuana use during the 2012 national election, Colorado voters are now gearing up to decide how to tax the drug.
  4. da, hsi joint investigation leads to 782-pound marijuana bust Tony Chapa A drug-trafficking investigation this week led to the seizure of 782 pounds of marijuana in Brownsville. The investigation, initiated by the Special Investigations 
  5. Two men arrested at alleged marijuana-refining lab in Oroville OROVILLE — An early morning call to police Thursday resulted in the reported discovery of a marijuana-refining operation and the arrest of two men.
  6. Michigan: Lansing Voters to Decide Tuesday on Marijuana Lansing voters will decide Tuesday on a municipal initiative to amend the city charter to repeal criminal and civil penalties involving the adult possession of 
  7. Economists Predict Marijuana Legalization Will Produce ‘Public In their 2012 book Marijuana Legalization: What Everyone Needs to Know, Jonathan Caulkins and three other drug policy experts identify the impact of
  8. City of Eastvale, CA : News : Search Warrant / Marijuana Cultivation As stated in the City of Eastvale’s press release of June 27, 2013, the City has established an aggressive zero tolerance policy towards marijuana grow houses.
  9. Carl Pelini’s Alleged Cocaine and Marijuana Use Caused FAU coach Carl Pelini’s dismissal becomes clearer after allegations of cocaine and marijuana use.
  10. Traffic stop nets 150 lbs of marijuana in Canadian County The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics (OBN) says a traffic stop has led to 150 pounds of marijuana being taken off Oklahoma streets.
  11. The dangerous world of Curtis Warren The Independent He was released in 2007 but was free for only a few weeks before being arrested over a plan to smuggle £1m of cannabis from the Netherlands to Jersey, 
  12. City leaders preparing Morris for medical marijuana Morris Daily Herald The “Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act” was signed by Gov. Pat Quinn in August and goes into effect Jan. 1. The act is a four-year pilot 
  13. The reality of permissive pot laws Chicago Tribune By now, there’s a stack of research indicating that allowing therapeutic use of cannabis has had no notable ill effects. One fear was that the law would encourage 
  14. Denver man charged with cannabis trafficking – Quad Cities Online Denver man charged with cannabis trafficking – Quad-Cities Online is the Quad Cities leading Internet service provider offering dial in access, local news from 
  15. Stolen floodlights from GAA pitch could be used to grow cannabis Gardaí are condifent that floodlights that were recently stolen from Cortoon Shamrocks in Galway will be used to grow cannabis in illegal grow houses 
  16. Hundreds of people fall ill in Albania from harvesting cannabis Hundreds of people fall ill in Albania from harvesting cannabis, doctors tell local media – @Reuters.
  17. WA’s Attorney General Gives $110,000 Medical Cannabis Grant to Washington’s Attorney General has given an $110000 grant to the UW to train healthcare professionals on the benefits of medical cannabis.
  18. David Michael | The Medical Marijuana Debates In our ongoing series of profiling medical marijuana users, we look at how cannabis is making one man’s life bearable in the face of unimaginable.
  19. Latest News – Medical Marijuana Inc. Washington DC Cannabis Legalization Bill Introduced, 09-18-13, 259. Page 1 of 6. Your series ought to be respiratory and ironed alphabetically. Start; Prev; 1 
  20. Medical Marijuana Business Daily – Legal, Financial and chrisw The recreational marijuana market in Colorado and Washington could be substantially larger than initial predictions, with the local customer pool alone hitting a 
  21. Three men arrested in Saraland on marijuana trafficking charge | AL and Press-Register staff SARALAND, Alabama — On Thursday, members of the Saraland Police Department Narcotics Unit and Special Operations Unit arrested Kelvin M. Robinson 30, 
  22. As Epileptic Exodus for Medical Marijuana Heats Up, Big Pharma After witnessing the beginning of a national epileptic Exodus to medical marijuana states via the press late last week, word began to circulate that the US food 
  23. Man remanded for cannabis possession — Guyana Times Christopher Reid pleaded not guilty to the charge which stated that on October 28 at Georgetown, he had in his possession 443 grams of cannabis for the 
  24. Morning Alert – TOKYO ELECTRON LTD (OTCMKTS:TOELY), 3D SBWire (press release) Middletown, DE — (SBWIRE) — 11/01/2013 — screens the markets looking for Hot Emerging Micro-cap and Small cap stocks that look to 
  25. Effort woman charged with marijuana, resisting arrest Pocono Record Coddington smelled marijuana coming from the car as he spoke with Maro. was charged with resisting arrest, possession of a small amount of marijuana and 
  26. Report: Carl Pelini did in fact do more than marijuana When Florida Atlantic made the decision this week to remove Carl Pelini has head coach, there was plenty of discussion about alleged marijuana use.
  27. Why It’s Always Been Time to Legalize Marijuana (The Nation From The Nation Let’s put an end to the “war on drugs” that has ruined so many lives. By Katrina vanden Heuvel “Marijuana is indeed a gateway drug,” quips, Know Your Weed

Economists Predict Marijuana Legalization Will Produce ‘Public-Health Benefits’ – Forbes

In their 2012 book Marijuana Legalization: What Everyone Needs to Know, Jonathan Caulkins and three other drug policy scholars identify the impact of repealing pot prohibition on alcohol consumption as the most important thing no one knows. Are cannabis and alcohol complements, so that drinking can be expected to increase along with pot smoking? Or are they substitutes, implying that more pot smoking will mean less drinking? For analysts attempting to calculate the costs and benefits of legalizing marijuana, the question matters a lot, because alcohol is considerably more dangerous than marijuana by most measures. If the two products are complements, states that legalize marijuana can expect to see more consumption of both, exacerbating existing health and safety problems. But if the two products are substitutes, legalizing marijuana can alleviate those problems by reducing alcohol consumption.

Reviewing the evidence in the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, Montana State University economist D. Mark Anderson and University of Colorado economist Daniel Rees find that “studies based on clearly defined natural experiments generally support the hypothesis that marijuana and alcohol are substitutes.” Increasing the drinking age seems to result in more marijuana consumption, for instance, and pot smoking drops off sharply at age 21, “suggesting that young adults treat alcohol and marijuana as substitutes.” Another study found that legalizing marijuana for medical use is associated with a drop in beer sales and a decrease in heavy drinking. These results, Anderson and Rees say, “suggest that, as marijuana becomes more available, young adults in Colorado and Washington will respond by drinking less, not more.”

That conclusion is consistent with earlier research in which Anderson and Rees found that enacting medical marijuana laws is associated with a 13 percent drop in traffic fatalities. That effect could be due to the fact that marijuana impairs driving ability much less dramatically than alcohol does, although the fact that alcohol is more likely to be consumed outside the home (resulting in more driving under its influence) may play a role as well.

Anderson and Rees also consider the impact of legalization on pot smoking by teenagers. Looking at data from the Youth Risk Behavior Survey from 1993 through 2011, they see “little evidence of a relationship between legalizing medical marijuana and the use of marijuana among high school students.” Narrowing the focus to California after medical marijuana dispensaries began proliferating, they find “little evidence that marijuana use among Los Angeles high school students increased in the mid-2000s.” It actually went down from 2007 and 2009, then rose from 2009 to 2011, but that increase was mirrored in three comparison cities (Boston, Chicago, and Dallas) without dispensaries.

Anderson and Rees note that UCLA drug policy expert Mark Kleiman, who co-wrote Marijuana Legalization and has been advising Washington’s cannabis regulators, recently described a worst-case scenario for legalization featuring an increase in heavy drinking, “carnage on our highways,” and a “massive” increase in marijuana consumption among teenagers. “Kleiman’s worst-case scenario is possible, but not likely,” they conclude. “Based on existing empirical evidence, we expect that the legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado and Washington will lead to increased marijuana consumption coupled with decreased alcohol consumption. As a consequence, these states will experience a reduction in the social harms resulting from alcohol use. While it is more than likely that marijuana produced by state-sanctioned growers will end up in the hands of minors, we predict that overall youth consumption will remain stable. On net, we predict the public-health benefits of legalization to be positive.”

noted Rees and Anderson’s research on marijuana legalization and car crashes in Reason last year.

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Economists Predict Marijuana Legalization Will Produce ‘Public-Health Benefits’ – Forbes.