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Green Nectar Delivery

Green Nectar Delivery
San Diego, CA
Tel: 858-222-2527





Clairemont Kearny Marijuana Dispensaries

California Green Medical – San Francisco Medical Marijuana Delivery


California Green Medical – San Francisco Medical Marijuana Delivery.

You may contact us at:
Telephone: (415) 440-4004

Oc Mean Green!

Oc Mean Green!

Medical Cannabis Delivery Service
Santa Ana, CA 92703

10am to 7pm


Santa Ana Marijuana Dispensaries

Babylon’s Garden Delivery Service

Babylon’s Garden Delivery Service

San Diego, CA 92113

Phone: 619-316-1273 Txt this number to receive a delivery menu

Purple Sunset

Purple Sunset

Medical Cannabis Delivery in San Diego

(858) 952-0842

The Purple Sunset is a medical marijuana dispensary and wellness service provider located in North County San Diego, California. We were founded on the principle that there exists a healthier approach to personal wellness management than what conventional medicine and practice have dictated in recent history. Also, at no additional charge we provide speedy delivery service to our patients.

We have successfully assisted thousands of patients reduce or entirely eliminate their dependency on synthetic pharmaceuticals which they had been accustomed to taking to treat a myriad of debilitating conditions. By finding the most appropriate way to medicate with cannabis, promoting healthy ingestion habits and encouraging healthy activities, we at the Purple Sunset have been vital partners in improving the quality of life for our patients since 2010.

Meet Paul (Founder)

Paul has resided in San Diego his entire life. After graduating with a B.S. degree from Cal State San Marcos he began working as an Department Manager for international fortune 100 company for last 16 years. About 5 years ago he was introduced to the medical marijuana community and its devoted base of patients and caregivers. It was through those friendships that Paul realized the wonderful benefits that medical marijuana provides for patients and the support system those caregivers make available.

The Goddess Delivers, Medical Cannabis Delivery

The Goddess Delivers

Santa Barbara and surrounding areas
Ca, 93105
855-426-5246 (toll free)
24/7 Online, 11am-8pm phone orders

Places in Santa Barbara

 Alta Mesa‎ – Bel Air‎ – Campanil‎ – Cielito‎ – Coast Village‎ – County Property‎ – East Beach‎ – East Mesa‎ – East San Roque‎ – Eastside‎ – Elings Park‎ – Eucalpytus Hill‎ – Foothill‎ – Hidden Valley‎ – Hitchcock‎ – Hope‎ – Laguna‎ – Lower Riviera‎ – Lower State‎ – Milpas‎ – North State‎ – Oak Park‎ – Riviera‎ – Samarkand‎ – San Roque‎ – Santa Barbara Downtown‎ – Upper East‎ – Waterfront‎ – West Beach‎ – West Mesa‎ – Westside

Michigan Medical Marijuana Caregiver Home Delivery Service

 Michigan Medical Marijuana Caregiver Home Delivery Service

The Farmacy Rhode Island Medical Cannabis Delivery Service

The Farmacy

Pawtucket, RI 02860
Tel: 401-207-5493
9am til 6pm
Delivery Service
Rhode Island Cannabis Clubs

Healing By Nature – Mobile Caregiver Service

Healing By Nature – Mobile Caregiver Service

Please visit and sign petition to preserve patient/caregiver rights!


Serving All of Rhode Island

We offer some of the strongest Indica/Sativa Crosses and Hybrids available! Patients needs are individually assessed and programs are specifically created based on Patient input, choice and strain variety.  We offer TRUSTWORTHY, SAFE, reputable in home service.  Average service time is 2 hours.  Low income discounts available.  


 CH9 Flower

Medical Marijuana
The “Secret” Ingredients
Medicinal Cannabis that has a high level of both THC and CBD will produce a good medicinal affect. Cannabis that has low levels of THC and high levels of CBD produces more of a relaxed feeling and can be more beneficial for muscular disorder. CBN (Cannabinol) is produced as THC ages and breaks down, this is known as oxidization.
     Tetrahydrocannabinol THC- give a patient relief, a higher THC content will produce a greater effect.

“Cannabis is unique in many ways. Of all plants, it is the only genus known to produce chemical substances known as herbal cannabinoids. These cannabinoids are the psychoactive ingredients of marijuana, these are the “secret” workers of the plant. By 1974, there were 37 naturally occurring cannabinoids that had been discovered.There are 3 types of cannabinoids:
— Herbal: occur naturally only in the cannabis plant
— Endogenous: occur naturally in humans and other animals
— Synthetic: cannabinoids produced in a labMost of the cannabinoids appear in very small amounts (less than .01 percent of total cannabinoids) and are not considered psychoactive, or else not important to the high. Many are simply homologues or analogues (similar structure or function) to the few major cannabinoids which are listed.
     We carry the highest grade medicine for an unexpectedly good price.  We work with our individual patients so that their needs are met in all areas; quality, quanity, price and accesbility assurance.  We are proud members of the Rhode Island MMJ Community and care for all others.  If regularly scheduled and predictable accessibilty is an issue, please take a moment and inquire with us.
All Patients MUST register us as a Caregiver through RI DOH- No Exceptions

D & N Delivery

D & N Delivery

San Diego, CA
Tel: 858 230 1430
Mon-Sat 10am to 9pm Sun – 12pm to 8pm

Delivery service for the ocean beach, clairemont, downtown, mission valley, mission beach and pacific beach areas




Wide variety of top shelf strains

We accept credit cards upon request with a minimum service charge.

Thursday specials***

5 gram 1/8th (on select strains)

Saturday Specials***

Buy one 1/8th get another 1/8th half off (on select strains)

***First time patients receive pre roled joint***

858 230 1430

D & N Delivery service provides top shelf alternative meds to your door in a professional, discrete and courteous manor.

Being the best possible care takers to our patients is our number one priority.

We specialize in (but not limited to) providing care to the elderly and the terminally ill.

Our menu consist of only the highest quality organic medication for the licensed prop 215 patients.

At D & N we understand the current economic situation and offer patients daily specials and several different package deals.