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VitaScents Hemp Soothing Muscle Jelly

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About the product
  • Hemp oil in nature’s most perfectly balanced oil
  • Gives a feeling of relaxation to your stiff, tired, aching muscles
  • Appealing minty-herbal scent, not too overpowering or lingering
  • Intense icy-heat sensation created by cooling menthol and warming capsicum and camphor oil
  • Made in the USA

The Cannabis Health Index: Combining the Science of Medical Marijuana with Mindfulness Techniques To Heal 100 Chronic Symptoms and Diseases

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This comprehensive sourcebook combines evidence-based insights from more than 1,000 studies from cannabinoid and consciousness research to present a convincing case for the powerful healing effects of medical marijuana on over 100 chronic symptoms and diseases. Written by a former paramedic with a PhD in alternative healthcare, this in-depth reference shows that the subtle shifts in awareness commonly observed in cannabis-using patients vastly contribute to these compounds’ therapeutic potential.

The Cannabis Health Index is organized into condition-specific chapters, with eye-catching ratings of cannabis efficacy for each symptom, along with recommendations for use, and sidebars that suggest related mindfulness-based practices that enhance the body’s own ability to heal. Organized alphabetically from aging to wound care, with sections on a variety of conditions including infections, cancer, cardiovascular health, eye diseases, inflammatory diseases, neurological diseases, and much more, the Index reveals that the huge body of scientific studies focused on cannabis is a tremendously under-utilized repository of knowledge.

In synthesizing the findings of these studies, Blesching brings clarity to the process of making informed decisions about cannabis as a valid treatment. Informative, user-friendly, and practical, The Cannabis Health Index presents striking evidence that cannabis is remarkable safe and effective when used within the proper therapeutic window, especially compared with the risks of managing chronic symptoms with pharmaceuticals.

Montel Williams reveals how smoking marijuana changed his life – Business Insider

Montel Williams uses medical cannabis to manage his pain from multiple sclerosis.

Former TV personality Montel Williams has used cannabis nearly every day for 17 years. But he hasn’t smoked it in over a decade.

“I have dexterity problems. I can’t roll a joint to save my life,” Williams told Business Insider. He prefers vaporizing more concentrated forms of the drug.

Williams, who is also a retired Navy officer, has multiple sclerosis, a disease that causes his immune system to attack the insulation around his nerves. It produces intense, burning sensations from his head to his toes.

Source: Montel Williams reveals how smoking marijuana changed his life – Business Insider

Join Us on a Reiki Level 1 Webinar Wednesday, 26 April 2017, at 01:30 pm

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What is Reiki?
Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes physical, emotional and spiritual healing.
How does Japanese Reiki differ from American Reiki?
Western practitioners administer Reiki by a laying on of hands, while Traditional Japanese practitioners target their Reiki by channeling the energies without touch.
Why you should attend this special healing event?
Your spiritual journey has lead you here to be filled with ever increasing health and well-being.
Who is Victoria Lanakila Generao?
Grandmaster Lana is a hereditary Philippine Baybalin Shaman initiated and ordained in 1980 in Hawaii. She now runs the Halau ‘Aha Hui Lankily school for energy healing and empowerment.