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Know Your Grow Laboratories

Medical Cannabis Testing


Know Your Grow Labs tests for THC, CBD and other cannabinoids in medical cannabis. We test flowers, edibles, hashes, oils, cookies, butters, chocolates, you name it. We can certify large quantities. The process requires a very small amount of cannabis per test but the value of making informed decisions when choosing our medicine is massive.

How Does It Work?
When you submit a sample for testing we assign it a KYG ID number. Later, you can use the KYG ID to track your reports and direct your patients to your KYG ID’s on www.KnowYourGrow.co. We primarily measure THC, CBD and CBN levels but there’s a lot of additional data that we can extract from our testing. In addition to the chemical analysis, we provide details on the visible characteristics of the sample, information on how the product was created, recommendations on how and when to use it and anecdotal information on the impact of that medicine. We combine all of that data into a comprehensive report and publish it on www.KnowYourGrow.co!!

How Do I Get Started?
We’re located at 498 Kinsley Avenue in Providence, RI. We’re available by appointment Monday through Saturday so just call the office or send us an email to schedule an appointment. We also offer a mobile “smartlab” for those customers who want to validate high volumes of samples and for parties with large groups of people. Call us at 401-722-3163 or email for details.

Respect Our Privacy
We are all patients at Know Your Grow Labs. We offer pickup services for our customers who require complete discretion. We also guarantee complete security on our website by using SSL and anonymizing all of our reports.

The Know Your Grow Assessment
All of your results will be posted online at www.KnowYourGrow.co. The “Know Your Grow Assessment” is a collection of your best work all packaged up in your very own portfolio, certified by Know Your Grow Labs, that you can download and print. Call us or email for details.

KYG Membership: The 36 Club
Join “The 36 Club” to gain the lowest prices and the coolest gear! Call us or email for details.

We’re located at 498 Kinsley Avenue, Providence RI 02909
Call us for an appointment at (401) 722-3163

email: lab@knowyourgrow.co

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