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Green Acres Medical Inc

non-profit patient collectives

If you live with pain or discomfort, loss of appetite or suffer from depression or anxiety there is help.
We believe that together we can help heal naturally, natural holistic medicines are constantly validating themselves  as we look deeper into their actual medicinal values. Recently cannabinoids were used in cancer therapies and the results were astounding.  

We are a non-profit organization of collectives dedicated to the safe and responsible access of medical marijuana and other alternative medical therapies. But that’s not what we are all about, we offer services that others don’t like, personal healthcare providers that assist you every step of the way, pain management programs, weight loss, nutrition programs “including recipes”, local groups, education,  delivery services, in home visits, bill pay service, transportation, events, our 420 social network and so much more.

Our offices are designed to provide members with a professional medical experience, there are no fancy names or funky ad’s. Green acres medical centers focus on the well being of its family members, our goal is to treat and heal through medicine, quality care, research, family services  and every available means to live a normal life.

We offer a comprehensive line of natural products to compliment your personal management plan, and we carry a complete line of holistic products to ensure you are getting the full benefits from your program. If you suffer like many of us,

We may have the solution.

Are you ready to start on a real road to recovery, do you want to take back your freedom,  ready to live pain free….

Let Green Acres Medical show you how, become a member and start your own personal road to a better life, membership is free, so are many of the services.

We are in this together so don’t wait, just read on.

Below are just some of the services offered to members, and many do not cost you anything. Find a location near you and start living your life, your way!!!

Green Acres Medical Inc.