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Come join other like minded people in the pro cannabis community, December 2nd, Escondido, CA

Weed Talk: An Open Forum To Discuss All Things Marijuana

Monday, December 2 at 6:30pm
Starbucks 3440 Del Lago Boulevard, Escondido, CA 92029
You were invited by S Edward Wicker
  • Come join other like minded people in the pro cannabis community. Public opinion has recently shifted such that a majority now favor legalization. But in California, the first of the States to approve medical marijuana going back to 1996, recreational use is still prohibited. Cities and local governments continue to oppose permitting storefront sales. Delivery services are subject to arrest and felony prosecution.

    Clearly there is conflict between a majority opinion of the people and the laws in California. Despite this conflict, marijuana plays an important role in the lives of many people, as a medicine, as a business and as a way of life.

    As marijuana makes it way back to the mainstream, this Meetup is being organized as an open forum to discuss all things marijuana: art, business, culture, growing, harvesting, hemp, law, medicine, politics and psychology among many more. I plan to facilitate discussions so that we can share information and benefit from our experiences during this time of conflict.

    Since we do share a common agenda in favor of legalization, it is important to present a positive image. How can we continue to build public opinion in favor of legalization?

    Your participation is welcome.

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Criminal Law Defense

California laws on medical Marijuana (mmj) are a confusing maze. You are welcome to contact my law office for advice and to lessen the risks.

If you become the target of a police investigation or an arrest, you need immediate legal assistance.  YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO DISCUSS YOUR CASE WITH THE POLICE INVESTIGATORS OR THE MEDIA OR ANYONE ELSE.  Every person accused of a crime has the right to remain silent.  In most all cases, now is the time to exercise that right.  The burden of proving guilt is on the prosecutor.  Freely giving information may assist the authorities in obtaining a conviction.  Again, you have the right to REMAIN SILENT.  You have no legal obligation to give the police evidence or a confession.  It is your right to contact an attorney.  I do jail visits.  I can meet with you, your family and witnesses.  After I am retained, there can be a full investigation of exactly what occurred.  Then we can discuss the best options ahead.  The sooner that you have the assistance of an experienced defense attorney, the more likely for a favorable resolution.


Swami’s Medical Cannabis Delivery Service

Established as a licensed and insured medical marijuana dispensary in Oceanside, CA, Swami’s Dispensary Delivery Service is the clinic to call at 760-666-1817 when you want the highest quality medical marijuana products and fastest medical marijuana delivery services possible. Joining our medical cannabis club is the best way to learn more about our services and products, as well as to receive a free gift with your first medical cannabis delivery. When you want to have your medical marijuana products delivered to you rather than waiting in line to pick them up, Swami’s Oceanside Medical Marijuana Dispensary Delivery Service is a phone call away.

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We can refer you to doctors that will aid you in obtaining a Doctor’s Medical Marijuana Recommendation or a Medical Marijuana Identification Card. Marijuana smoking can have many beneficial effects for its users dealing with various symptoms. Some of these symptoms include pain, loss of appetite, nausea, anxiety, depression, anorexia, and other such chronic health problems.

As your reliable medical cannabis dispensary, we provide our 420 delivery services from 10 am through 9 pm every day. You have found a medical marijuana dispensary you can rely on.

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