Gemstone Valley

At Gemstone Valley, our handmade crystal pipes are carved from 100% raw crystal quartz. You will enjoy the refreshing experience of its natural healing powers just as we did for the first time.

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Cedar Smoke, Pipes and Hookahs

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Cedar Smoke is the ultimate destination for pipes and hookahs at the best prices. Be a fan and win some prizes..










5″ Stone Smoking Tobacco Pipe |

5″ Stone Smoking Tobacco Pipe |

Conscious Wholesale

Conscious (formerly known as Herbal Distribution) is a wholesale supplier of smartshop, headshop and cannabis-related products of various, based in Amsterdam. We distribute a selection of high quality psychoactives products, health supplements, herbs and paraphernalia to retail stores and resellers.

Over 10 years of wholesale experience

Conscious was born in 2009, when two leading Dutch smartshop wholesalers decided to bundle their strengths to operate under one name. Both companies have over 10 years of experience in the business, as retailer and wholesaler and the merge brought about many positive changes. The product range has been expanded and we can offer better prices.

Continuously growing catalogue

As a company, we continue to grow and evolve. But we also remain true to our purpose: supplying retailers both online and offline, physical stores with the latest and most innovative quality wholesale products whilst providing excellent service.

If you are a retailer or reseller in the smartshop, headshop or cannabis seeds market and interested in what we can offer you, please create an account or contact us.

  • Easy online ordering
  • Stocking over 1000 different items
  • Fast and secure delivery


Our smartshop wholesale assortment consists of energizers, aphrodisiacs, mushrooms grow kits and sclerotia, as well as a large collection of psychoactive herbs and seeds, including Kratom, Salvia divinorum and Hawaiian Baby Woodrose. Conscious is a leading wholesale smartshop distributor based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, supplying many retailers in Europe with high quality smart products at competitive prices!


In our headshop section you’ll find bongs, pipes, grinders, scales, cannabis seeds, smoking papers and other types of pothead paraphernalia.


Conscious is specialized in the distribution of wholesale cannabis seeds, offering resellers trusted brands such as Greenhouse, Dutch Passion, Sweet Seeds and many more in every price range. We supply smart- & growshops in Amsterdam as well as many other online and offline stores throughout Europe.

Unless otherwise indicated, we offer a 10% discount on wholesale cannabis seed orders for quantities above 10 pieces.


Conscious is proud to be the #1 wholesale vaporizer supplier in Europe. In addition to high quality portable and non-portable home vaporizers, we also provide resellers with replacement products.

We offer vaporizers in various sizes and price ranges, including big names in the vape world such as Volcano, Arizer, Magic-Flight & iolite.

Conscious Wholesale.

AJG Distributing LLC. – The Unofficial Site Of EZ Pipe – Discreet Tobacco Lighter Pipe – All In One Pipe – One Hitter Pipe

AJG Distributing LLC. – The Unofficial Site Of EZ Pipe – Discreet Tobacco Lighter Pipe – All In One Pipe – One Hitter Pipe.


GLASS Archives – The Darkside Blown Glass Pipes

GLASS Archives – The Darkside Blown Glass Pipes.

Ohio Bob, Glass Bongs, Glass Pipes

Ohio Bob

FreshBaked Glass


Glass, Pipes, Bowls, Stems, Water Pipes

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Barney’s Wild Wood Pipes

Thank you for your interest in our exotic hardwood pipes and accessories. Yes, we do custom orders! We are currently expanding our catalog so please check back. If you see something you like or want to customize any of the woodpipes below, please contact us at at Barney’s Wild Wood Pipes Monday through Sunday 8:00am to 6:00pm (818)894-9405 to order. Satisfaction and quality guaranteed!