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San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney Michael Cindrich Fight for You!

The Law Offices of Michael E. Cindrich, APC, located in San Diego, California, has earned a reputation for providing trustworthy advice and effective representation in a wide variety of legal matters. As a former prosecutor with considerable courtroom experience, Michael E. Cindrich has the skill and legal insight needed to protect your rights and interests now and into the future.

Specializing In:

  • DUI
  • Medical Marijuana
  • Drug Crimes
  • Violent Crimes
  • Federal Crimes
  • Domestic Violence

Law Offices of Michael E. Cindrich APC
750 B Street, Suite 3300
San Diego, CA 92101

Phone: (619) 262-2500
Fax: (619) 819-7342

San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney Michael Cindrich Fight for You!.

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The marijuana industry is exploding with growth. With many states now allowing individuals to grow, purchase and use medical marijuana the GOLD/GREEN rush is on. Many new companies are seeing the opportunities in this industry and are developing products and services for those that need and want them. You might be one of those new companies or one of the existing companies that needs more exposure That’s where we come in.
Along with the GOLD/GREEN rush comes the need for letting people know about your products and services. Everything about marijuana is news. And, we can help you get it!

We offer a variety of services and have more than 35 years in the world of public relations. Please click on the links above to find out more.



Criminal Law Defense

California laws on medical Marijuana (mmj) are a confusing maze. You are welcome to contact my law office for advice and to lessen the risks.

If you become the target of a police investigation or an arrest, you need immediate legal assistance.  YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO DISCUSS YOUR CASE WITH THE POLICE INVESTIGATORS OR THE MEDIA OR ANYONE ELSE.  Every person accused of a crime has the right to remain silent.  In most all cases, now is the time to exercise that right.  The burden of proving guilt is on the prosecutor.  Freely giving information may assist the authorities in obtaining a conviction.  Again, you have the right to REMAIN SILENT.  You have no legal obligation to give the police evidence or a confession.  It is your right to contact an attorney.  I do jail visits.  I can meet with you, your family and witnesses.  After I am retained, there can be a full investigation of exactly what occurred.  Then we can discuss the best options ahead.  The sooner that you have the assistance of an experienced defense attorney, the more likely for a favorable resolution.


Kyle Kushman | Expert Medical Marijuana Grower & Medical Marijuana Nutrients | Medical Marijuana Grower Advice, Best Medical Marijuana Nutrients and more from the expert of Medical Marijuana Growing, Kyle Kushman at KyleKushman.com.

Kyle Kushman: marijuana expert.


Kyle Kushman is an internationally renowned marijuana cultivator and seven-time Medical Cannabis Cup medal winner. His articles have been featured in medical marijuana publications, such as High Times, and he has taught classes in advanced horticulture at Oaksterdam University. As creator of Veganics™, a new line of vegan and organic nutrients set to be released in 2013, Kyle continues to make advances in cultivating “simply the purest, cleanest medicine possible.”


Kyle Kushman is a 24 year veteran of Organic Cannabis Cultivation. After providing several photo-essays, Kyle was hired as a staff journalist and cultivation expert for High Times magazine. After 5 years Kyle left New York and his job at High Times to go back to cultivating and experimenting with organic growing. He has studied and used almost every nutrient, gadget and piece of equipment on the market today. As an internationally renowned cultivator and five-time Medical Cannabis Cup winner, he continues to contribute as a freelancer on a regular basis to many national and international publications. Kyle started Karma Consulting in 2006; a consulting service for Proposition 215 medicinal cannabis gardens.


In 2009 he began teaching advanced horticulture classes at Oaksterdam University in Oakland, California. Later that year, Kyle discovered Veganics, “simply the purest, cleanest medicine possible,” says Kyle. He taught earth-friendly cannaculture classes using organics and Veganics at both Oaksterdam University and Peace In Medicine in Sebastopol.


Kyle answered questions daily on MedicalMarijuana.com and will now blog regularly on this site – KyleKushman.com. A twelve page article about Kushman Veganics is featured in the Jan. 2011 issue of High Times; coincidentally it was High Times’ 420th issue ever!


Kyle has been working on a book and DVD on the subject of earth-friendly Veganics. Both are due to be released 2013. In addition, look for his line of Veganic nutrients and other goodies which will be in stores soon!


Kyle has dedicated his life to understanding cannabis cultivation and helping to map and define the depth of marijuana’s medicinal capabilities. The innovator of compassion and compromise, Kyle’s free information and resources have helped countless numbers of marijuana growers, and the benefits have extended to millions of patients around the globe.

In retrospect, society has leaped into a generation of sharing information at the speed of light. With a few clicks on an electronic device, we can transcend our thoughts and ideals to thousands upon thousands of people. Help us spread the medical marijuana expert advice that Kyle Kushman provides in his website, KyleKushman.com. Just think how many patients you can help today by sharing the information on KyleKushman.com with others? Spread the word and help more growers help more patients.

Kyle Kushman | Expert Medical Marijuana Grower & Medical Marijuana Nutrients | Medical Marijuana Grower Advice, Best Medical Marijuana Nutrients and more from the expert of Medical Marijuana Growing, Kyle Kushman at KyleKushman.com..

A64 Career College | Weed Business License

A64 Career College education is specifically designed to give you the latest up to date information to effectively enter this rapidly growing industry.Get ahead & position yourself for success.

Take seminars & learn the requirements for A64 cannabis business.
Learn from attorneys & other industry professionals.
Get expert cannabis cultivation training.

A64 Career College | Weed Business License » A64 Career College |.

Old Farts Solutions

Old Farts Solutions

Alternative Meds, Medical Cannabis Delivery Service

Serving Anza and Aguanga, CA.

Tel: 951-331-8898

Must Have Valid Dr. Recommendation and CA I.D. or D.L.

Green Acres Medical Inc

non-profit patient collectives

If you live with pain or discomfort, loss of appetite or suffer from depression or anxiety there is help.
We believe that together we can help heal naturally, natural holistic medicines are constantly validating themselves  as we look deeper into their actual medicinal values. Recently cannabinoids were used in cancer therapies and the results were astounding.  

We are a non-profit organization of collectives dedicated to the safe and responsible access of medical marijuana and other alternative medical therapies. But that’s not what we are all about, we offer services that others don’t like, personal healthcare providers that assist you every step of the way, pain management programs, weight loss, nutrition programs “including recipes”, local groups, education,  delivery services, in home visits, bill pay service, transportation, events, our 420 social network and so much more.

Our offices are designed to provide members with a professional medical experience, there are no fancy names or funky ad’s. Green acres medical centers focus on the well being of its family members, our goal is to treat and heal through medicine, quality care, research, family services  and every available means to live a normal life.

We offer a comprehensive line of natural products to compliment your personal management plan, and we carry a complete line of holistic products to ensure you are getting the full benefits from your program. If you suffer like many of us,

We may have the solution.

Are you ready to start on a real road to recovery, do you want to take back your freedom,  ready to live pain free….

Let Green Acres Medical show you how, become a member and start your own personal road to a better life, membership is free, so are many of the services.

We are in this together so don’t wait, just read on.

Below are just some of the services offered to members, and many do not cost you anything. Find a location near you and start living your life, your way!!!

Green Acres Medical Inc.

‘Aha Hui Lanakila, Inc.


‘Aha Hui Lanakila, Inc., is a non-profit grassroots educational community services organization that is dedicated to helping people reduce stress, self-regulate emotions and build energy and resilience for healthy, happy lives. We propagate original knowledge of the Usui System of Natural Healing (Reiki), la’au lapa’au (naturopathy),  pohaku la’au (crystalwork), Western esoteric mysticism, Sophian Gnosticism and Earth-based spirituality to perpetuate peaceful co-existence within our world community.

Activities/Projects   The Halau is taking its crystals healing experiences beyond the 3D. Our members have been called to participate in a very special world project and we are stepping up to answer that Call. We are training to Become our own Crystal Avatar selves and the work is exciting!
Approach  By incorporating a Hawaiian spiritual paradigm of Living Aloha into their healing intentions, our students learn to heal compassionately, from the heart. This approach empowers our work to effective advantage. We can and do integrate various energyworking modalities, including herbal pharmacology and crystal grid therapy, into our healing sessions, because we look to a cardinal rule of Na Hula Kahiko as the universal rule to learning and living:
‘a’ohe i pau ka ‘ike i ka halau ho’okahi
All knowledge is not contained in only one school.
3520 156th St NW
Gig Harbor, WA 98332
David’s cell:  253-320-6607 Lana’s cell:  253-509-8151

Phoenix Tears, Run From The Cure, The Rick Simpson Story, Hemp Oil

Phoenix tears

My name is Rick Simpson. I have been providing people with instructions on how to make Hemp Oil medicines for about 8 years. The results have been nothing short of amazing. Throughout man’s history hemp has always been known as the most medicinal plant in the world. Even with this knowledge hemp has always been used as a political and religious football.

The current restrictions against hemp were put in place and maintained, not because hemp is evil or harmful, but for big money to make more big money, while we suffer and die needlessly. Look at a proposal such as this; if we were allowed to grow hemp in our back yards and cure our own illnesses, what do you think the reaction of the pharmaceutical industry would be to such a plan? Many large pharmaceutical companies that still exist today sold hemp based medicines in the 1800′s and early 1900′s. They knew then what I have recently found out. Hemp oil if produced properly is a cure-all that the pharmaceutical industry can’t patent.

Two years a go I contacted the Liberals, the Conservatives and the New Democratic Party about this situation. I also provided them with evidence to backup what I was saying. No one lifted a finger, in most cases I was lucky to get a reply. I contacted the R.C.M.P. along with many other organizations and Public Interest TV shows, with little or no response.

Why are all these people trying to avoid such a simple truth? If I am in some way wrong in what I have been saying then I invite the system to come and prove it. I would be happy to put on a public demonstration of what this oil can do. That would answer this question for the Canadian public once and for all. It seems unbelievable that we have a law in Canada that will not allow us to cure our own diseases with a natural herbal remedy.

While much of the evidence for the effectiveness of Hemp is reports from patients and doctors, it is important to realize that this reporting leads to restrictions of drugs and their withdrawal from the market. Such was the case with doctors reporting the birth defects from Thalidomide and heart problems with the Fen-Phen combination of drugs. Further reports led to new uses for Thalidomide as a drug to treat leprosy rather than morning sickness. Anecdotal evidence (reports and observation by patients or doctors) usually indicates to a doctor that a treatment or drug should be altered, discontinued or changed.
In addition to the evidence, much research has been done and a list of a few of the researchers and their papers or publications is here. [Penicillin was approved for use with less experience and data than is available on the effectiveness of Hemp – only six patients].
The results of the cases can be readily replicated by any practitioner, medical or otherwise, anywhere, to cure malignant melanomas and more importantly, save lives. The topical application of hemp oil salves or balms helps to control or cure various skin conditions. Taken orally, the oil tends to seek out and destroy cancer cells in the body, but as with any drug, too much can cause side effects; most notable with hemp oil is drowsiness. Unlike opiates and their derivatives, hemp oil is not addictive.

For those who may find it incredible that the medical establishment would ignore or even disdain such research we remind the reader that the history of the medical establishment includes examples of mule-like stubbornness, incompetence, mediocrity, greed, arrogance, and stupidity. Consider the case of Dr. Ignas Semmelweis:

In 1847, Dr. Semmelweis, a respected Hungarian physician who was concerned about the high mortality rate of women giving birth in hospital, instituted a procedure at one hospital whereby doctors washed and disinfected their hands before delivering babies. Immediately, the mortality rate dropped from THIRTY percent to near zero. Seven other hospitals followed suit with similar results.

The European medical establishment recognized Dr. Semmelweis’s achievement by blocking his applications for further research funds, vilifying and ostracizing him, and, ultimately, causing him to lose his prestigious positions at maternity hospitals. In America, the newly formed American Medical Association added insult to injury by threatening to revoke the license of any doctor caught washing his hands. Dr. Semmelweis was so distressed that women continued to die that he suffered a mental breakdown that eventually led to his death in 1865.

Don’t expect a doctor working inside the system to buck the system. The risks are still too great! The advice she or he offers you is controlled by the large medical industry that makes its money from expensive cancer fighting drugs and treatments. It is an industry that doesn’t look favorably on natural supplements or other cancer treatments that they cannot patent or make a large profit from. Years from now the current conventional cancer treatments used by doctors will on the whole be viewed in the same light that we view the old medical practice of blood letting to cure illnesses.

Rick Simpson

Phoenix Tears.

Open a Medical Marijuana Dispensary – MMJ Clinic Consulting — Providing better living through the use of natural medication.

Open a Medical Marijuana Dispensary – MMJ Clinic Consulting — Providing better living through the use of natural medication..