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Illadelph Glass – High Quality – Industry Leading – Since 2002

Illadelph Glass – High Quality – Industry Leading – Since 2002.

Bongs, Vaporizers, Bubblers, Water Pipes, Rolling Papers, Scales, Roor Bongs all for sale from our Smoke Shop, EveryOneDoesIt.com

Bongs, Vaporizers, Bubblers, Water Pipes, Rolling Papers, Scales, Roor Bongs all for sale from our Smoke Shop.


Smartshop, Headshop, Cannabis Seeds and 420 Lifestyle – Zamnesia.com

Zamnesia has been in the consciousness expansion business since 2002 and currently offers more than 1500 products in our online store, making us one of the largest online stores for headshop, smartshop and cannabis-related products in Europe.

Helped by a staff of 15 or so plus a massive network of industry insiders and freelance professional seed breeders, our store continues to grow and evolve.


An awesomely complete range of products


Check out our extensive inventory of bongs, (water) pipes and vaporizers, grinders and other smoking paraphernalia, from a huge range of rolling papers to roach clips, scales and stashboxes.


To capitalize on more than 20 years’ experience in the growing business in the Netherlands, we recently launched our own line of seeds, providing hand-picked, high quality feminized and autoflowering seeds at a good price.


All our seeds come directly from organic mothers and are tested daily to guarantee their “germinating strength”. We also stock all the leading brands – more than 500 seed varieties to date – from around the world


And that’s not all…


Naturally, we also stock all the leading brands of nutrients, lights, electronics and grow media you might need for planting, raising, keeping healthy and eventually harvesting your crop, indoors or outdoors, from sunny Spain to chilly Northern climates.


And when you fancy something a little more exotic, Zamnesia has an extensive range of mushroom growing kits, psychedelic seeds and herbs, party pills and a whole section of the site devoted to Lifestyle products.


Privacy and security of your personal information


Unlike many online ‘green business’ stores, we ship worldwide, with fast delivery and complete discretion in billing, packaging and delivery guaranteed.


Our products arrive in plain boxes and envelopes without any company names or logos. Each package is marked not to be left with the neighbours when nobody is home at the delivery address (a message will be left in your mailbox).


For fulfilling your order we do need your name, email address and shipping address, plus your bank account, your credit card number and its expiry date. We collect your personal information only for handling your orders and also to be able to offer convenient shopping.


Personal information will be encrypted and cannot be read by any unauthorized third party, and we promise you won’t get any spam mail from us or sell our customer lists.

Your questions and comments concerning our privacy policy or product range are welcome. Please send us an email by using our contact page.

Smartshop, Headshop, Cannabis Seeds and 420 Lifestyle.

Galleria at BIG Industry Show March 2012

Blaze Glass | advanced smoking glassware for the connoisseur

 Blaze Glass | advanced smoking glassware for the connoisseur.


‘Blaze Glass’ is a high-end brand of fine glass water pipes; Percolator Bongs, Ice bongs, Bong Bowls, Pre-Coolers, Diffusers Down-Pipes, for connoisseurs. All available at Smoking Paraphernalia wholesaler:




Smoking Accessories
Eco Friends Syndicate
Contact us
91-22-2876 3677
Fax: +91-22-28761644
Mr Vicky Sadh ( CEO) +91-9920085818

Eco grinders is an Indian company based in mumbai. We are one of the largest smoking hardware providers and India’s largest glass pipes manufacturing facility.We are manufacturer and exporter of all kind of smoking pipes.

We specialize in: Inside out glass pipe, Color changing glass pipe,metal marijuana pipes and all other kind of glass smoking pipe.

Our product range includes: Marijuana Smoking Pipe, Sherlock pipe, Water Bongs , Ice Bongs, Glass Smoking Pipe, tobacco pipes exporter, water bongs, ice bongs,proto pipe, bats,wood grinder, acrylic grinder, metal grinder, pollinator grinder, honey dust grinder,wood dugout, metal dugouts, plain dugouts,acrylic bong, Grinder tobacco, multi chamber bongs,Wood pipes, bamboo bongs

Eco grinders has a team of dedicated artists and professionals, our artists are really creative which helps in maintaining the uniqueness of our smoking pipes. According to our customer’s requirement we even customize our products to meet their requirement.

We’ve our clientele all over the world. We aim at providing best quality smoking pipes at a reasonable price.

HERB GRINDERS ALUMINIUM GRINDER, BALL GRINDER, wooden grinder, acrylic grinder, metal grinder, pollinator grinder, SPICE MILL.
BONGS – Water bongs, ice bongs, MULTI CHAMBER BONGS
(wooden ,metal,plain)
Marijuana Smoking Pipe, Sherlock pipe, Glass Smoking Pipe, tobacco pipes, proto pipe

Gnosy Aglassguy

Gnosy Aglassguy

FreshBaked Glass


email: freshbakedglass@yahoo.com

Glass, Pipes, Bowls, Stems, Water Pipes

San Diego, CA

PipeNJ.com, Waterpipes, Pipes, Hookahs, Bubblers, Onies, Ash Catchers, Bowls, Stems

PipeNJ.com, Waterpipes, pipes, hookahs, bubblers, onies, ash catchers, bowls, stems

Godfather Smoke Shop

Godfather Smoke Shop

1138 Garnet Avenue
Pacific Beach, CA 92109
Tel: 858.483.3232


Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Godfather-Glass-Emporium/241277962551421

Godfather Glass on Twitter: @GodfatherGlass

Pacific Beach, California

The Godfather Smoke Shop! *smokin fools since 2003