Founded: 1995

Company Overview: HISTORY

RooR was started in the 1980s, by German glass blower Martin Birzle. The name RooR was inspired by the word microorganism, which was in a science publication Birzle was reading. RooR is also phonetically similar to the German word for pipe, “rohr.” RooR waterpipes are also known for the signatures put on them by each blower, usually in the form of squiggly lines and dots.

Prices range greatly, from around $100 for the very cheapest models, up to $600 for higher quality models, and possibly even $15,000 for the best pre-made custom with gold plate logo and or diamonds. Additionally, RooR accepts requests for custom pieces.

(from wikipedia)

Products: World manufacturer of glass art water pipes.

ROOR Germany‎
Am Rosengarten 3
67227 Frankenthal, Germany


Author: Eric Fuller

Publisher, Owner

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