JahSeed.com, Wholesale Auto Flowering Cannabis Seeds

Wholesale Auto Flowering Cannabis Seeds.

Founded 2005

Manchester, United Kingdom

Irie and welcome to Jahseed.com, wholesale distributors of fine quality, auto flowering cannabis seeds. We do not sell our seeds online but through a select list of seed retailers. All our stock is imported from The Netherlands direct from some of the most respected autoflowering breeders in Europe. Every strain we carry is unique to us here at Jahseed as our strains have been commissioned in bulk, by us, directly from the source, so we can offer to you quality controlled cannabis seeds at great prices. All our strains come in packets of 15 regular seeds.
Our cannabis seeds are developed for good results under CFL lighting, each strain is designed to keep short and flower perfectly well under the low lumen output of CFL lamps. By keeping auto flowering strains short and squat best advantage can be taken of the 12″ or so of usefull light output from compact fluorescentt lamps.
All our seeds are ital, grown in organic, peat free soil using only the best quality, 100% organic fertiliser. We don’t deal with fem seeds as they are hermaphroditic and therefore poisonous to the i
Erb Collie Bud, Bionic Dread, Super Kush, C99, Lion of Judah, Bushmaster, Pink Sativa auto flowering seeds.

Author: Eric Fuller

Publisher, Owner WeedQuest.com

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