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White russian male x Grandaddy purple female = R.I.P. Van Winkle
Take a toke and wake up 20 years later! NOT FOR THE WEAK! Noobie users say it gives them a feeling of weightlessness as if they were in a full gyro spins in space rite before they pass out! Wake up with a full silver beard.

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Beazelbud Seed Co. Fine American Medicinal Cannabis Seeds


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Author: Eric Fuller

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4 thoughts on “Beazelbud Seed Co. Fine American Medicinal Cannabis Seeds”

  1. Just to let evryone know I didn’t post this. The guy that did misspelled my company name. it’s BEAZELBUD SEEDS, not bazelbud. my strains as to date are,

    R.I.P. Van Winkle is a pure indica that has a vanilla ice cream smell and taste, a above average yeild of big sticky buds, it takes 55-65 days of flower time, the high is down, slow, very narcotic great for pain but hard to get off the couch even when your starving for munchies.

    Strawberry Kush. is a pure indica, smells and taste like strawberry candy, a average yeilder, the buds turn a weird tint of purple and are covered with tall smelly tricomes. The high is again tired and slow with heavy munchy cravings, total body buzz which is very good for back pain. flowering time is 50-55 days

    Backdoor Kush is a pure indica, smells heavy of pine with a lite back hint of fruit, Tastes as she smells, Nice big buds, above average yeilds of beautiful sticky nugs. The high is a strong body buzz that will make you want to take a nap and when you wake up you will raid the fridge. Be careful cause this one is creeper. Great for sleep disorders. flower time is 55-60 days.

    Fruit Fart is a pure indica that reeks of heavy dead skunk with a back hint of fruit, some say it smells just like a landfill or garbage dump. taste like fruit cocktail and yummy. This plant was our top yeilder, very quick with huge sticky spear shaped buds. great body high but not that slow and wont make you pass out. flowering time is 45-50 days.

    Ultra Daddy is a pure indica and one of my top favorites, these buds are just fantastic, also a popular strain with the local growers, she is making a name for herself and deserves it. this is a perfect plant for anyone, even a nooby will think he’s a pro it’s so easy to grow, pest and mold resistant. She smells like she taste deep spice with a hint of candy, very unique, very potent and will give you a above average yeild of super dense, rock hard candy. very fast strain as you can pull her at 45-48 days but she will give more if you let her go 55-60. The high is the best, very heavy and will take all your pains away. great for pain and nerve disorders.

    We are now in the middle of producing our sativas and hybred seeds, I will post those soon. thanks and merry x-mas – Beaz :-!

  2. All people need to remember is the ones ones that made this possable. the one that put there name and faces out on fort street and did the time, and still are…the cream will rize too the top. its all way going to be the quality not qunity… beazelbud some of the best seeds and weed i have ever had…THE BEST….
    BEAZELBUD SEEDS you always have my VOTE….

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