Hashbar TV

Hashbar TV is a social commentary on the state of affairs in the California Medical Marijuana Dispensary business. Just like with any controversial subject matter we are subject to the comments and opinions of our viewers, the media, law enforcement agencies etc.

Although the Medical Kush Beach Club and Hashbar TV are protected under 1st amendment rights we are cognizant of the effect our media has on the general public both in California and Nationwide.

The Medical Kush Beach Club is the first and most successful of all the dispensaries in Venice Beach California. It has been a legally operated business since its inception and continues to adhere to all laws governed by the state of California.

We are fully aware that our viewers contain a diverse mixture of people from all over the world and every effort is made to educate our viewers on how to get legal by getting a recommendation from a doctor in the state of California and not to engage in illegal behavior. We are also fully aware that our viewers include people from all walks of life including law enforcement and political agencies.

We expect our viewers and active users to maintain a code of conduct that does not shed negative light on the industry in general. All defamatory statements and negative or ignorant comments will be removed to protect our viewers from slander and attack.

We encourage all our viewers and active users to help legalize medical marijuana use in their communities by contacting their appropriate political entities and petitioning for the right to self medicate such as California has done in the past.

If you have a problem with anything on this page or any other Hashbar TV online entities, would like members removed for any reason or have any comments that need to be addressed we encourage you to contact us at: [email protected]


Author: Eric Fuller

Publisher, Owner WeedQuest.com

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