Altitude Organic

Altitude Organic

Welcome to! Altitude Organic is San Diego’s premier alternative health and wellness cooperative for medical marijuana and cannabis. We provide safe and legal access to high quality medications and offer quality care to all of our members. We carry over 25 different San Diego grown medical marijuana and cannabis strains, now tested at Budgenius and Strain Genius Labs to ensure the highest quality. We carry organic soil grown products as well as hydroponic. Please come and visit us today and compare the altitude difference. There are many san diego dispensaries and collectives but only one Altitude Organic!

-Flowers, Concentrates, Drinks, Edibles, Tinctures, Topicals, Hard Candies  and more…
-San Diego grown
-T-Shirts, Hats and Apparel
-New Patient Specials, Referral Rewards and Member Loyalty Reward  Programs
-Daily store, text and e-mail specials!

*We operate in strict compliance with Prop 215, SB420 and H & S Codes 11362.5 & 11362.7


PHONE: (619) 220-7100

Hours of Operation

MON – SAT 10 AM – 8 PM SUN 10 AM – 6 PM


2110 HANCOCK ST #201 SAN DIEGO, CA 92110

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