I am writing you to direct your attention on a United States Patent 6,630,507 of Cannabinoids as Antioxidants and Neruoprotectants

This was sent by email today to Senator Deborah Dawkins of Mississippi. you may reprint it as much as possible. 2/26/12
Senator Dawkins;
My name is David B. Allen M.D.. I had previously sent you a copy of my press release. I expect you have received it.
I am writing you to direct your attention on a United States Patent 6,630,507 of Cannabinoids as Antioxidants and Neruoprotectants.(attached) The Patent is quite complex and hard to read for most lay public. I am a professional scientific journal reviewer by my credentials as a heart surgeon. This Patent; which by acceptance by the patent office, is evidence that everything contained in that patent is considered the Truth. If you look on page 17 (of 26 total pages) and read column 16 under example 7 in vivo rat studies line 60 thru 63 it states the following; “This data shows that infarct size (the size of the Stroke) was approximately halved in the animals treated with Cannabidiol, which was also accompanied by a substantial improvement in the neurological status of the animal.”
This is proof by the governments own hand, that Cannabidiol and THC both Decrease the size of a stroke by 50%. Since Cannabidiol is extremely safe in large doses in humans and does not have any euphoric effects (doesn’t get you high); It would not change the physical exam of a patient having a stroke, and could be used without masking any change in the neurologic status.
Each year there are 800,000 strokes in the United States, of these 150,000 die and the rest are left to suffer the consequences of the stroke. A 50% reduction in a stroke would be a miracle as no other drug available today can decrease stroke size by any percent. (clot busters excluded) The difference of 50% reduction would mean the difference between the stroke victim being able to walk or not or talk or not. The monetary savings in health care and the human suffering make this issue too important to ignore.
Based on this US Patent and the safety factor of Cannabidiol there is no excuse for not doing clinical phase 3 human trials. I suspect many people would volunteer to receive this safe drug if they had a chance to reduce their stroke by 50%. I know I would. This medicine Cannabidiol could be available as a urgent as needed basis or as a daily supplement in high risk patients. The chances of drug diversion of this medication would be ZERO.
This is no mistake; There is also evidence in the British Journal of Pharmacology entitled “Acute administration of Cannabidiol in vivo suppresses ischaemia-induced cardiac arrhythmias and reduces infarct size when given at reperfusion.” (also attached) This complex title states Cannabidiol reduces arrhythmias caused by low blood flow and decreases the size of the myocardial infarction. This study in and of itself, is not proof, but is very good evidence, that heart attacks are also diminished by approximately 50% please see figure 3 pp 1238 This is copy from the study; Effect of CBD on infarct size Figure 3 illustrates the effects of the higher dose of CBD (50 mg•kg-1) on both area at risk (percentage of left ventricular area) and infarct size (percentage of area at risk). Area at risk was similar across all groups. Administration of CBD (50 mg•kg-1) prior to coronary occlusion significantly reduced infarct size, as did its administration immediately prior to reperfusion, when compared with vehicle-treated control rats (both P 0.001; Figure 3).
In my opinion the study is not well written and they do not state exact percent of heart muscle saved but figure 3 shows about 50% reduction. (see attachment)
I have read the adverse articles printed in the local Mississippi newspapers about Mississippi Medical Marijuana bill (Bill 2252). The above information is not known to the public and would silence anyone who thinks there is no medical utility for cannabis. This is of course only a small application of the medical utility of cannabis. (Marijuana is improper terminology)
I would like to further discuss many more articles showing proof of medical utility of Cannabis, and absents of harm. I have NIH studies that show improvement in reaction time of Drivers using cannabis.
No one can deny the science. Cannabis is not only a medicine,; It is Life Saving Medicine! This medicine will be used legally here in California with great benefit, but this benefit may be unnoticed. We need to allow formal Clinical trials but this is not possible in today’s political environment. There is a virtual moratorium of free scientific medical study of cannabis in the United States. Many studies could be done with little risk to patients and to delineate the potentials of this medicine. The patients are already using the medicine, we just have to do organized study of them.
This Medicine will be used legally in California and in states who’s LAWMAKERS do not prevent sick and dying patients from receiving this life saving medication. I suspect that once the medical utility is proven without doubt that no politician will want to have been on the side of the law that incarcerated citizens for using life saving medicine. Cannabis prohibition cannot stand much longer. The science is behind this miraculous plant.
I write this letter not because I have anything to gain. I write this letter because I have suffered because of the unjust laws that hurt our society. It is past time to end the suffering of the illnesses and suffering from the laws.
I pray this letter is a National call to reason.
Romans 14:2 For one believes that he may eat all things: another who is weak eats herbs.
Romans 14:3 Let not him that eats (herbs) despise him that eats not;
And let not him which eateth not (herbs) Judge him that eateth.
King James ver.
By this very statement in the bible it is religious persecution to incarcerate me for herbs.

I urge you to introduce legislation to end the prohibition of scientific research on Cannabis caused by the Conspiracy of the Drug War Proponents.

Please contact me at 510-421-6179 or email [email protected]
Thank you for helping the stroke and heart attack patients.
David B. Allen M.D.

Author: Eric Fuller

Publisher, Owner WeedQuest.com

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