Prior to intervention by the City of San Diego and the US federal government, the Botanicure collective…

The Botanicure collective is a grassroots, San Diego County-based medical marijuana collective attempting to offer safe access to medical marijuana (aka cannabis) to patients with valid doctor’s recommendations.  We are a California nonprofit mutual benefit corporation operating under the guidelines of The Compassionate Use Act, aka Prop 215 and SB 420. 

Prior to intervention by the City of San Diego and the US federal government, the Botanicure collective was able to operate for more than two years within a safe, street level professional facility in the Point Loma / Sports Arena community of San Diego.  During those two years, we served more than 1,800 patients with valid doctor’s recommendations.  We never received one single negative complaint from local residents, neighboring business owners, our landlord or any other part of the public at large.


After receiving letters from the US Department of Justice threatening to seize our personal property as well as our landlords property and receiving a $25,000 penalty assessment for zoning violations by the City of San Diego, we decided we had no choice but to close our doors.

The City of San Diego has ultimately failed to work with responsible elements within the medical marijuana community to allow safe access for patients.  City officials have instead pursued a policy of harassment and numerous attempts at using highly restrictive zoning ordinances to prohibit collectives from being able to operate for more than a decade.

The Botanicure collective has always strived to be in compliance with all local and state laws and trusted in President Obama’s 2009 decree that he would not enforce federal law against legally operated collectives.  However, it appears that Obama has been forced to negotiate away his stance from 2009 and the Directors of the Botanicure collective have no interest in being involved in anything deemed illegal.

The Botanicure collective ceased operations at the Point Loma location on November 30, 2011.  It is our hope that greater awareness will be spread in the months (and possibly years) ahead and brave policy makers will step forward and do the right thing.  We hope that these brave policy makers will eventually choose and enact one of the myriad proposed regulations and zoning ordinances that already exist and have been given to them.  At that time, we will be ready once more to open our doors and serve those in need.

Doing the right thing is relatively simple.  An honest effort needs to be made by policy makers to enact reasonable regulations to control the cultivation and distribution of medical marijuana.

We are leaving our website live for the simple reason of encouraging every concerned citizen, patient in need, or family or friend of a patient in need to pick up the phone and call your City Councilmember and/or congressional representative and let them hear your opinion – pro or con.

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Author: Eric Fuller

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