The Growers Guide to Cannabis

This blog accompanies our Growers Guide, an online book to growing good cannabis.  You can read the book by clicking this link here or the page “Go to the Book” on the navigation bar above. The main website aims to cover everything you would need to know about growing cannabis from newbie level, and new chapters are always being added.

The Growers Guide is written by real growers, growing now. When we find questions we need answered and search the net for answers, we add the info to either the guide or the blog. That way we keep up to date and are constantly improving the site. Any feedback as to how the info is presented or whether or not we answer your questions is GREATLY APPRECIATED.

The Growers Guide to Cannabis is brought to you by a collection of marijuana growers with the aim of helping you grow weed well, produce the biggest and best buds and enjoy a mellow smoke and toke. We think that experience in growing marijuana should be shared with all cannabis growers in order that all can use this knowledge. We don’t believe the hype and think that every new innovation should be proven before purchased!  You should remember that growing cannabis is illegal in some countries and check your local laws.

Author: Eric Fuller

Publisher, Owner

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