Adam G, Denver, Colorado

When Adam G isn’t searching the world for the most rare baller 80’s gear, he’s most likely sipping Mai Tai off the coast of a tropical island. These activities combined with fresh young coconut water, cupcakes, Siberian huskies and the color green are what makes up his signature glass style. Watching the movie Weekend at Bernie’s 4 has refined his style to focus on color selection, flow and attention to detail. He resides in the mile high city of Denver, Colorado at 5280 feet above sea level.

Contact: [email protected]

“For inquiries, please contact the artist directly. Neither the BIG Industry Show nor anyone other than the artist will sell, handle, ship, package, refund, warranty, or handle these pieces in any way. The artist is solely responsible for any and all transactions.”

Author: Eric Fuller

Publisher, Owner

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