CalMed420, Medical Cannabis Evaluations

The Compassionate Use Act of 1996 codified in Section 11362.5 of the Health and Safety Code, allows seriously ill residents of California to use marijuana for medical purposes.

Qualified Patients and Primary Caregivers who have a written recommendation from a physician may cultivate, acquire, and use marijuana for medical purposes without fear of criminal liability under sections 11357 and 11358 of the Health and Safety Code.

It is the patient’s right to use medical cannabis as an alternative to prescription medications. It is a patient’s choice to be evaluated by a professional and experienced licensed physician.

CalMed 420 is the choice for patients seeking confidential evaluations by physicians that take an individual approach to the assessment and treatment of a condition or a disease. All attending physicians are board certified and are in good standing with the California Medical Boards, as required by SB 420 and Attorney General Guidelines.

CalMed 420 offers 24 hour, 7 days a week verification both live and on-line to assure that your status as a qualified patient or primary caregiver can always be verified and you can always be protected.

CalMed 420 is the only medical evaluation center that offers flexible payment options, payment plans and discount programs.

CalMed 420 has 10 convenient locations in Southern California, with evening and weekend hours to accommodate your schedule.

As part of our comprehensive support program, CalMed 420 has retained a law firm, to be available to all our patients, free of charge, if ever their status as a qualified patient or primary care giver is questioned.

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How do I set up an appointment with CalMed420?
Choose your most convenient location and call or email us for information.
LA HABRA call 877-420-3420, email: [email protected]
SAN DIEGO call 619-222-3839, email: [email protected]
VENTURA call 805-652-0420
Do I need to be referred to CalMed420 by another physician?
No. CalMed420 can evaluate anyone who feels that they can benefit from Medical Marijuana.
Do I have to pay the fee if I do not receive a recommendation?
No, your fee will be returned to you if you do not receive a recommendation.
Will my name be on a state or federal list if I get a medical marijuana recommendation?
Absolutely not! We consider your privacy the utmost importance. We follow HIPAA guidelines to ensure patient privacy.
Can you tell me the process of getting a recommendation?
When you arrive at our office you will be asked to fill out a medical history form, along with some other documents and disclosures. You must provide a valid state-issued CA ID or Driver’s License prior to your evaluation. You will then meet with our physician who will evaluate you for the recommendation. If you qualify you will receive your original certificate, signed and sealed, at the end of your appointment. This is the only document required by state law.State issued cards could be voluntary obtained from the Department of Health Services in your county, however fisrt you will need to be evaluated by the physician and qualify for a recommendation.
What medical documentation should I bring?
It is important for you to bring any medical documentation (from previous physician visits, ER visits, chiropractor visits, etc.) that supports your diagnosis. This includes: recent medical records, prescriptions, physician’s letter, chiropractor’s letter, x-rays, MRI’s or any other documentation that you think can help.
Do you accept people on probation?
No, we do not issue recommendations to people on probation.
How can I obtain my medical records?
Call your physician or the hospital where you were treated and tell them you want copies of your medical records. They will tell you the process and typically have you sign an authorization to fax to them. You can always call our offices and we’ll happily assist you in retrieving your records.
What happens if I have never seen a physician but I know medical marijuana will help my condition?
You can still be evaluated at CalMed 420. Our experienced physicians will do a “good faith” evaluation and issue a temporary recommendation. This temporary recommendation will be issued with a condition that you must return to our office for a follow-up visit within 3 months.
What happens if I’ve lost or cannot retrieve my records or documentation?
You can still be evaluated at CalMed 420. Our experienced office staff will help you in tracing and retrieving your medical records. However, meantime our physician may offer you a temporary recommendation with a condition that you must return to our office for a follow-up visit within 3 months.
Do I have to pay twice if I only receive a temporary recommendation?
No, you don’t need to pay twice, the temporary recommendation fee is prorated into the yearly fee. When you are able to provide our office either the proper documentation and/or medical records you can pay the balance of the recommendation fee and we’ll extend your recommendation to be valid for the year.
Do I have to be 18?
Yes. You must be at least 18 to be a CalMed 420 patient, unless your accompanied by your parent or legal guardian
If I become a medical marijuana patient, where do I obtain marijuana?
CalMed 420 cannot help you purchase medical marijuana nor recommend any association, collective or cooperative. There are numerous organizations, websites, and publications that can help you. Qualified patients and primary caregivers may also cultivate marijuana for medical purposes. Thus, you may elect to grow your own medicine.
What exactly do I get if I receive a recommendation from CalMed420?
You will get an original and a copy of the physician’s recommendation.
How long will the recommendation last?
Recommendations are for one year, unless you are issued a temporary recommendation for lack of records. We advise you to make an appointment before the expiration date so that you can be re-evaluated and obtain a renewal of your physician recommendation.
Does CalMed 420 accept other physicians recommendations for renewals?
Yes. CalMed 420 accepts renewals all recommendations from any licensed physician in California.

Grade A Medical Marijuana Compassion Club, Edibles, Extracts and Tinctures

Grade A Medical Marijuana Compassion Club, Edibles, Extracts and Tinctures.

We are a private non-profit organization of AMMA patients and caregivers helping other patients. We don’t take your grow rights -in fact, we encourage you to grow if you have that desire and interest. All medication at CannaPassion Club is donated by other AMMA patients and caregivers. Unfortunately, we can only help AZ patients at this time.

Our primary goal at CannaPassion club is to provide AMMA Patients a place to legally and safely obtain grade A medication at a fair and reasonable donation, while also building a helpful caring community of AMMA patients helping patients.

All medications are on a donation-only basis, nothing here is “for sale.”
The largest portion of that donation is donated back to the grower and the remainder goes to cover expenses and keep CannaPassion Club operational and growing.

We are located within the Santa Fe Plaza which is on the west side of 24th Street. McDonald’s is across the street and just north of us

3150 N 24th St Suite C-206
Phoenix, AZ 85016
Phone (602) 413-9633
Email [email protected]

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