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Best quality marijuana seeds from Amsterdam Holland!

Proseeds delivers the best quality cannabis seeds in the world. We are a successful Dutch cannabis seedbank from Amsterdam Holland. Marijuana is our passion and it has been for more then 20 years.

We have been preserving the best genotypes from the classic strains for over 20 years, as well creating new strains by crossing, and capturing the best genetics from each strain line.

We invested large amounts of time and resources in creating the best possible strains in terms of THC and CBD Levels, yield, flavor and resistance against molds & pests.

The integrity of our marijuana seed line and the extraordinary quality of our strains is the most important factor in our business.

Unfortunately not all seedbanks feel the same way about this (we see more and more low quality inbred lines polluting the market). That is why we decided to share our knowledge and stains with the rest of the community. We guarantee that our seeds are of the best possible quality!

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