A Parallel Concern For Medical Marijuana Advocates

A Parallel Concern For Medical Marijuana Advocates

A Parallel Concern For Medical Marijuana Advocates

Hello Friends – every time I visit a Medical Marijuana clinic or club I am very concerned that the folks who care enough about their health to only smoke the best, purest medical-grade Marijuana fill the ashtrays at the doors of these places with the butts of commercial cigarettes – which of course aren’t allowed on premises. This seems like a striking disconnect, one which I would hope that the leadership of the Medical Marijuana movement would be ready to address. There is absolutely no reason why those who choose to use Marijuana to address medical issues in their lives should be smoking commercial poison, when they could be smoking pure, uplifting heirloom tobacco. I’m sure that most of you would agree – but what can the movement do about this major health issue? One place to start might be to inform yourself, and your constituents, about the realities of the hazards (still largely unrealized) they face when they light up industrial “tobacco”, so I’ve posted a YouTube video with a Creative Commons license that you and your constituents might find worth watching. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCiMFymqFLI

The solution is actually pretty simple – in many places the Medical Marijuana movement has growers who supply members with pure, medical grade Marijuana. They could easily add heirloom tobacco to their growing repertoire, allowing the Medical Marijuana movement to broaden its impact, and its reputation for advocating for legitimate medical concerns affecting millions of people, by this one simple action. And, of course, the MM movement could also advocate people ‘growing their own’ – which I would be pleased to facilitate through webinars and through my publications as well.

Please take a few minutes to watch this video and then pass it on to your network and lets see if we can make a difference in another major health issue affecting the lives of our freinds, colleagues, and loved ones. Thank you.

Author: Eric Fuller

Publisher, Owner WeedQuest.com

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