How to pass a drug test

How to pass a drug test

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Here you will learn how to pass a drug test.

In today’s world life is not so easy for the people who partake marijuana; if someone smokes it illegally he or she would always be scared of getting caught. One of the most annoying problems for using  marijuana  is to pass a pre-employment test. These days all good companies take a marijuana test before hiring employs, so getting a job for a marijuana addict becomes almost impossible. So the question is how to pass marijuana test? Well there are millions of ways of passing marijuana test, but worrying thing is that all of them don’t work.

  • Do you know several ways to pass marijuana test which actually work?
  • Are you worried that you will never get a job because of marijuana?
  • How long does marijuana stays in human body?
  • Are you afraid of getting caught urine drug test?
  • You can’t afford expensive treatment?
  • Your on job performance is not up to the mark?

Is there any method of passing marijuana test which is practical and as well as cost efficient?

Well it is one of the most frequently asked questions, there are several ways which can help you out to avoid drug screening and in our book we have revealed them!

How our book can help you to pass marijuana test?

Well this book can help you out in several ways, it will not only reveal top 20 methods for passing weed test but also it will show you how to implements those methods practically. Here are some of the key features of our book:

  • How to pass a piss test for marijuana in a 24 hour.
  • How to pass a marijuana drug test when smoking the night before.
  • How to pass a mouth swab drug test when smoking marijuana less than  24 hours
  • How To Pass A UA When You Smoke Marijuana
  • How to pass your drug test FAST!
  • Remedies you can use to help pass a urine test in 24 hours before the test.
  • and more…

How To Pass A Drug Test

Nirvana NL, Cannabis Seed Bank

Nirvana NL, Cannabis Seed Bank

Nivana NL

Cannabis seeds history of Nirvana goes way back to the end of the 1980′s. At that time Nirvana’s founder was working at Amsterdam’s most famous grow-shop, the legendary “Positronics”, and it was the knowledge and inspiration that he received there that moved him to think about starting his own cannabis seeds company. Years were spent traveling, seeking out and collecting marijuana seeds from the finest strains. And more years went in experimentation, growing, cross breeding and developing the new cannabis strains from among which Nirvana selected the best to become their range of high quality hybrid marijuana seeds.

Foundation of Nirvana

After applying and expanding his experience in a number of Amsterdam’s best known grow-shops it came time to offer the expertise he had gained, and the high quality products he had developed, to the world. The result of this initiative was the foundation of Nirvana in 1995. Originally a cannabis seed specialist, Nirvana is now an innovative business concept. It has developed into a shop with a unique and original range of self-developed hemp products that extend the uses of this extraordinary plant further than ever before.

Nirvana NL.

Conscious Wholesale

Conscious is proud to be the #1 wholesale vaporizer supplier in Europe. In addition to high quality portable and non-portable home vaporizers, we also provide resellers with replacement products.

Conscious (formerly known as Herbal Distribution) is a wholesale supplier of smartshop, headshop and cannabis-related products of various, based in Amsterdam. We distribute a selection of high quality psychoactives products, health supplements, herbs and paraphernalia to retail stores and resellers.

Over 10 years of wholesale experience

Conscious was born in 2009, when two leading Dutch smartshop wholesalers decided to bundle their strengths to operate under one name. Both companies have over 10 years of experience in the business, as retailer and wholesaler and the merge brought about many positive changes. The product range has been expanded and we can offer better prices.

Continuously growing catalogue

As a company, we continue to grow and evolve. But we also remain true to our purpose: supplying retailers both online and offline, physical stores with the latest and most innovative quality wholesale products whilst providing excellent service.

If you are a retailer or reseller in the smartshop, headshop or cannabis seeds market and interested in what we can offer you, please create an account or contact us.

  • Easy online ordering
  • Stocking over 1000 different items
  • Fast and secure delivery


Our smartshop wholesale assortment consists of energizers, aphrodisiacs, mushrooms grow kits and sclerotia, as well as a large collection of psychoactive herbs and seeds, including Kratom, Salvia divinorum and Hawaiian Baby Woodrose. Conscious is a leading wholesale smartshop distributor based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, supplying many retailers in Europe with high quality smart products at competitive prices!


In our headshop section you’ll find bongs, pipes, grinders, scales, cannabis seeds, smoking papers and other types of pothead paraphernalia.


Conscious is specialized in the distribution of wholesale cannabis seeds, offering resellers trusted brands such as Greenhouse, Dutch Passion, Sweet Seeds and many more in every price range. We supply smart- & growshops in Amsterdam as well as many other online and offline stores throughout Europe.

Unless otherwise indicated, we offer a 10% discount on wholesale cannabis seed orders for quantities above 10 pieces.


Conscious is proud to be the #1 wholesale vaporizer supplier in Europe. In addition to high quality portable and non-portable home vaporizers, we also provide resellers with replacement products.

We offer vaporizers in various sizes and price ranges, including big names in the vape world such as Volcano, Arizer, Magic-Flight & iolite.

Conscious Wholesale.

VapoShop – Europe’s largest vaporizer webshop – VapoShop

VapoShop – Europe’s largest vaporizer webshop – VapoShop

wispr-vaporizers-by-ioliteThe VapoShop carries a large assortment of portable and electric vaporizers, including several replacement parts and other useful accessories.

There are many different types of vaporizers, but what they all have in common is that they heat herbs in a way that doesn’t produce smoke. The resultant vapor only contains the active components of the herb itself and none of the harmful substances that make smoking such a health hazard. The vapor tastes better and doesn’t irritate the throat and lungs.

Take your time to check out the different models that are available. If you’re completely new to vaporizers, read the Frequently Asked Questions first. Another helpful resource is, where you’ll find tons of detailed information and reviews.

Be wise, vaporize!

VapoShop – Europe’s largest vaporizer webshop – VapoShop.