VapoShop – Europe’s largest vaporizer webshop – VapoShop

VapoShop – Europe’s largest vaporizer webshop – VapoShop

wispr-vaporizers-by-ioliteThe VapoShop carries a large assortment of portable and electric vaporizers, including several replacement parts and other useful accessories.

There are many different types of vaporizers, but what they all have in common is that they heat herbs in a way that doesn’t produce smoke. The resultant vapor only contains the active components of the herb itself and none of the harmful substances that make smoking such a health hazard. The vapor tastes better and doesn’t irritate the throat and lungs.

Take your time to check out the different models that are available. If you’re completely new to vaporizers, read the Frequently Asked Questions first. Another helpful resource is, where you’ll find tons of detailed information and reviews.

Be wise, vaporize!

VapoShop – Europe’s largest vaporizer webshop – VapoShop.

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