Cannabis News And Links 11/03/2013

Cannabis News And Links 11/03/2013

  1. Columbia residents to ask City Council to decriminalize marijuana Columbia Missourian *CORRECTION: Dan Viets plans to ask the Columbia City Council to decriminalize personal use cultivation of marijuana for up to six plants. An earlier version of 
  2. RACINE COUNTY CRIME: Police investigate an armed robbery at Journal Times Racine Police reportedly found marijuana and what appeared to be a “nonfunctioning indoor grow operation,” after executing a search warrant Thursday across 
  3. Creates a Sensation with Newest Online “We’re finding,” said Steve Bederman, CEO of The Marijuana Company, “that shoppers feel more secure and more discreet when using e-commerce to make 
  4. Vail Daily letter: This will hurt kids Vail Daily News From the Drug Enforcement Administration: THC in marijuana is mind-altering. There are problems with memory and learning. There is distorted perception and 
  5. Green Page Blog Archive » Marijuana, Its’ Not for Everybody maribeth crandell Last year Washington voters approved a law which allows adults to possess small amounts of marijuana. Marijuana infused candy, soft drinks, baked goods and 
  6. Marijuana dispensary explored – South – The Boston Glob The possibility of a marijuana dispensary locating in town is being considered more actively. Selectman William Plasko, chairman of the nine-member committee 
  7. Marijuana appreciation thread – The Psychedelic Experience I love marijuana, it is TRULY God’s gift to man. No physical addiction, super healthy (if you don’t like the smoke, just vape or bake), and dirt cheap. The head 
  8. Rally For Medical Marijuana Held At Oklahoma State Capitol | The Yesterday dozens of medical marijuana supporters rallied outside of the Oklahoma State Capitol building.
  9. Egg Harbor is a terrible mistake for Medical Marijuana Clinic | APP There are two major Highways with hospitals and many doctors offices on Rt 37 Toms River and Rt. 72 Manahawkin. Egg harbor is as far away as you can get 
  10. TMZ Webcast – No Rob Ford Talk Edition Cannabis Culture (blog) We have a slew of cannabis news and our regular segment 420 Swap – see stoners trade marijuana openly with each other. The Mernahuana Zone is webcast 
  11. Pair Arrested as Cops Seize Marijuana, Cocaine from Apartment WTMA executed a search warrant at an apartment on the the 2200 block of Savannah Highway, and there officers reportedly seized quantities of marijuana, cocaine, 
  12. DC POT PLAN District poised to be next to decriminalize marijuana Bayoubuzz Feb. 13, 2013: Different strains of marijuana displayed during the grand opening of the Seattle location of the Northwest Cannabis Market, for sales of medical 
  13. Iowa/Wisconsin/Illinois briefs Dubuque Telegraph Herald The Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier reported officers found marijuana, drug paraphernalia, and firearms believed to have been stolen at a home in Oelwein after a 
  14. Editorial: Solano supervisors have no clear choices on medical The Reporter Of course, this would be a nonissue altogether if Congress and the president would simply take marijuana off of the ClassI drug list, reserved for substances that 
  15. Walker Man Facing Marijuana Charges In Idaho – AM 1240 WJON The Associated Press A 39-year-old Walker, Minnesota man who Idaho State Police say had more than 3 pounds of marijuana in his vehicle has been taken into custody.
  16. VA legislative candidates running to end state income tax, marijuana If Libertarians running for the state House of Delegates this year have their way, Virginia families will save thousands of dollars because they will not have to pay 
  17. How to get high using Marijuana – YouTube Marijuana Man show you how to get high using marijuana and a bong …… You can follow Marijuana Man on facebook at
  18. What’s the protocol for traveling by plane with marijuana – Could I just stash it in my checked bag and not worry about it? I’m talking about a grinder and chillum.
  19. State Police Arrest Texas Men Carrying 54 lbs. of Marijuana Louisiana State Police arrested two Texas men carrying a big load of drugs early Saturday morning.
  20. Ask a Soldier : Marijuana and Alcochol use. I have smoked marijuana, and drank alcohol before. I intend on telling the truth to the recruiter. But will he ask me infront of my parents? Im 17, going to my first, Know Your Weed

US MD: FDA Approves Marijuana Based Drug

US MD: FDA Approves Marijuana Based Drug

Newshawk: Free The Weed
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Pubdate: Thu, 31 Oct 2013
Source: Montgomery County Sentinel (Rockville, MD)
Copyright: 2013 Montgomery Sentinel Publishing, Inc
Contact: [email protected]
Author: Bonnie Katz


The U.S.  Food and Drug Administration has approved clinical trials of a cannabis-based drug and its effects on epilepsy.  The treatment, Epidiolex, is 98 percent purified cannabidiol ( CBD ) made by GW Pharmaceuticals based out of the U.K.

There are around 60 known chemicals contained in cannabis called cannabinoids.  Tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC, is the main component responsible for the drug’s psychoactive nature.  CBD, however, is the second most abundant cannabinoid in the cannabis and provides medicinal benefits without the “high.” Epidiolex will come in a viscous liquid form to be dispensed from syringes.  A 25 milligram per meter or 100 milligram per meter will be the two strengths made available to those in the trials.

The FDA has approved of intermediate-sized clinical trials sponsored by two doctors.  Dr.  Orrin Devinsky, a professor in the Department of Neurology, Neuroscience and Psychiatry in the New York University School of Medicine and director of the NYU Comprehensive Epilepsy Center, and Dr.  Roberta Cilio, a pediatric neurologist at the University of California, San Francisco, are set to follow 25 patients using Epidiolex as treatment for pediatric epilepsy.

On Oct.  4, at the NYU Langone Medical Center, Devinsky led a conference entitled, “Cannabidiols: Potential Use in Epilepsy & Other Neurological Disorders.” During the affair, Devinsky and Cilio led a presentation on planned trials on CBD in children with treatment resistant epilepsy.

The D.C.  – based Marijuana Policy Project’s Communications Director Mason Tvert responded to the news of the approved trials.  “We’ve long known that marijuana has a variety of medical benefits,” Tvert said.  Tvert added that the federal government clearly recognizes marijuana’s medicinal benefits and it’s a shame they hindered most research of it.

Maryland’s new marijuana law came into effect on Oct.  1, but its miniscule scope won’t have much effect.  It deals with a small number of patients that would enroll in state-approved clinical studies.  However, with no hospitals signed up to hold these studies, no visible changes are set to occur in the near future.

Now the country will wait and see if CBD can live up to the hype, and if the epileptic patients can find any relief from their disease.

US MD: FDA Approves Marijuana Based Drug., Know Your Weed

Provinces MMPR Input Sought Then Ignored | Cannabis Culture

Provinces MMPR Input Sought Then Ignored | Cannabis Culture

An article in Vancouver alt-weekly Georgia Straight B.C. Government and Fed Disagree On Conservative’s New Rules For Medicinal Marijuana really caught my attention. The article shows a tug of war between that province and the fed’s.

I’ve been quietly examining provincial overlap in Health Canada’s new med pot program and apparently the Straight has too. The Straight filed a Freedom of Information request for notes from two closed door meetings between provincial and federal health officials.

Some documents were redacted to protect intergovernmental relations, because B.C. Ministry of Health informed Health Canada their new program sucks donkey dick and is worst than Canucks losing game seven of the Stanley Cup. However, journalists have to inhale plenty of God Bud and hold the documents up to the light of a full moon to read the blacked out remarks.

What it does reveal is the provincial health agency employees politely spoke up about;

  • people losing their opportunity to self produce
  • the outlawing of compassion clubs
  • how would people on B.C. provincial disability program afford medical marihuana
  • doctor’s clinics selling medical cannabis

Every MMPR bellyache I’ve read on social media these B.C. Ministry of Health employees challenged Health Canada on…and the fed’s provided no rationale. Did they receive notes from MLA Terry Lake (or his predecessor) or were the employees acting on their own?

If people had known just before BC and Nova Scotia provincial elections medical marihuana discussions took place behind closed doors, would it have become an election issue?

When Health Canada created the MMPR I noticed several areas where there was provincial overlap, especially in the area of access.

Nurse practitioners are currently granted federal authority to prescribe med pot, but every province prevents them from doing so. An example is B.C., which has a list of drugs nurse practitioners are permitted to prescribe, while Ontario has a list of drugs they are not allowed to prescribe.

I don’t know if this change would improve access, but if you believe Health Canada’s ten year access projections I have this amazing mine grown marijuana you will love too.

Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne spoke to the annual nurse practitioner’s convention and the legislation preventing NP’s from signing medical marihuana appears it may get an overhaul. That would be perfect timing for the province to remove ‘marihuana’ from the legislation, but will they. ATM we don’t know.

Personally I’m shocked the fed’s met with their provincial counterparts. Given federal strong headedness I was working off the play no meetings had happened. My first provincial inquiry (about the time these meetings were happening) turned up nothing.

Now we know Health Canada held provincial meetings!

What did Ontario’s Ministry of Health and Long Term Care tell Health Canada in closed door meetings their concerns were regarding the MMPR? Did they echo the same sentiments as B.C. Ministry of Health or did the Ontario agency drink the fed’s swill? What did your province’s health ministry say in these meetings?

Wynne addressed the issue of inhaling cannabis during a summer press conference, but she added an interesting footnote none of the Queens’ Park journalists caught. She remarked the province would need to be part of legalization talks. There was no follow-up question.

Was MPP Wynne or her health minister MPP Deb Mathews already privy to provincial and federal talks regarding medical marihuana? If Wynne knew, why didn’t she mention Ontario’s stance regarding the MMPR when she confessed to inhaling 35 years ago? Ontarians deserve to know where the minority Liberal party stands on the issue of medical marihuana. What’s the Ontario NDP stance? We don’t need to know what Tim Hudak’s Conservative think because they will goose step with anything out the PMO.

Matt Mernagh is a gonzo ganja bud blogger, host of The Mernahuana Zone on Pot TV and a popular marijuana legalization advocate. Purchase his debut book Marijuana Smoker’s Guidebook The Easy Way To Identify and Enjoy Marijuana Strains from Amazon or Indigo.

Provinces MMPR Input Sought Then Ignored | Cannabis Culture.

Uruguayan President Explains Why His Country Is About To Legalize Marijuana – Leaf Science

Uruguayan President Explains Why His Country Is About To Legalize Marijuana – Leaf Science

Uruguayan President Explains Why His Country Is About To Legalize Marijuana – Leaf Science.