Medicinal Cannabis Educational Documentary

Medicinal Cannabis Educational Documentary

Published on Jan 6, 2014

Go to PubMed – National Institute of Health Database

Type in “Cannabinoids and Cancer” and you will get hundreds of articles. You will at least be able to see the abstract of these scientific studies and you can have the proof of all the amazing work that is being done, but being suppressed.

Why do we allow for the government to keep outlawing this plant when we have proof that it has so many amazing benefits for our society? Clearly the government is not on our side. They are using their manipulation machine (the mainstream media) to convince those of lesser intelligence that cannabis is only about getting high. Others will not question their government because they have so much faith in them. Whatever your stance on cannabis if you are truly a person of intellect you will look into both sides of the matter. And if you look into the positive effects of cannabis and cannabinoids you will find a remarkable truth! Cannabinoids Cure Cancer., Know Your Weed

Author: Eric Fuller

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