Coalition Benefit Concert Van BC …Nov 13th ….it’s a weedy night!

Coalition Benefit Concert Van BC …Nov 13th ….it’s a weedy night!

Formal Announcement (Tickets on Sale Now)

Coalition Benefit Concert Van BC …Nov 13th ….it’s a weedy night!

Ticket on sale at….

  • Red Med Canna Dispensary                                                               604-559-9444
  • Green Cross Society of BC                                                                  778-785-0370
  • The Medicinal Cannabis Resource Centre (MCRCI)                      604-566-9391
  • MedPot Now Dispensary                                                                   604-569-2119
  • Karuna Madicinals Dispensary                                                          778-588-1888
  • Imedikate Dispensary                                                                        604-569-2268
  • The Cannabis Culture Headcounters ( CCHQ )                               604-682-1172
  • Medicinal Cannabis Resource Centre (MCRCI)                             604-566-9391
  • Edens    (all 3 Locations)                                                                         604-568-9337
  • Valley Indoor                                                                                       1-877-702-1169 Toll Free
  • The British Columbia  Compassion Club Society    

One ticket is but the cost of 2 grams under the new MMPR should our permits to cultivate be removed!  Let’s fund the good fight…. It’s not about plants nor politics rather passion and pride in our right to access safe and effective medicine of our we choose ….It’s our right it’s our choice! 

Face Book Event Page:

Benefit concert

147 E Pender St

Doors open a 7:10 pm

Headlining The Night

• Rascalz “Nominated for Best Rap Recording at the 1994 Juno Awards”


-DJs to keep the crowd pumped between sets!

More performers and sponsors to be announced soon…..

Come join in with 700 Canadian Cannabis Consumers and our supporters for a night packed with live bands, silent auctions, custom glass, with likeminded individuals in support of the right to cultivate what one consumes. Most important your ticket cost goes towards the MMAR Coalition against Repeal trust fund for our legal matter being launched to protect personal gardens in Canada.

To learn more about the Coalition and how you may assist us in our plight please see

Our Sponsors to date

  • Men Under Pressure  ( $2000.00 donation cash in hand)
  • EDEN Society $1500 Pledge
  • Green Cross Society of BC ($1000.00 donation check  in hand)
  • -Imedikate Society ($1000.00 donation cash in hand)
  • Karuna Madicinals Dispensary ($500.00 donation cash in hand)
  • -Green Planet Nutrients  (Full indoor 10ft grow tent with two lights for silent auction)
  • -Fortune sound Night Club
  • -Red-Med Dispensary (Red is owner member of the Rascalz)
  • -Urban Grower (organizers)
  • -The Cannabis in Canada Society (organizers)
  • -LSD Design and Printing
  • Sacramento NORML (ART)
  • NORML Women’s Alliance
  • 200 Custom Coalition Med-tainers donated by Medtainer Canada
  • -Vandettas (band)
  • -REVEAL (solo Hip Hop artist)
  • -Doja (Band)
  • Red Beard Glass    (Custom Glass for Auction)
  • Fresh Headies
  • Press for Truth

After hours at Eden’s Vapor lounge from 10:30-3am the night of the concert.

Jason Wilcox


The MMAR Coalition against Repeal

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