CBD Donations needed for epileptic Kids, Halent Labs

CBD Donations needed for epileptic Kids, Halent Labs

Cannacea Incorporated has sent you a message.

Date: 3/02/2013

Subject: Urgent need – please read

I am sending this plea out to all of my contacts…. If you are not a provider, please accept my appology in advance, and excuse the intrusion… as it is difficult to send them out individually, and this is a serious situation.

After reading below, If you are willing to help in anyway, please contact me immediately! We work closely with Halent Labs, and you may either donate through us, or we will put you in contact with them directly. This is VERY REAL, AND VERY SERIOUS.

Other strains that are 4% or higher in CBD, beside the C6 (cannatonic) are:
OmritaRX3, Jamaican Lion, Harlequin P1, Sour Tsunami P2, Misty, Maz’s Cheese, Juanita La Lagimosa, & Good Medicine. If you have a strain you feel is CBD rich, and you are willing to donate, a 1gram flower sample can be tested.

From: Halent Labs

Urgent Plea…
Folks, for those that know me, I’ve never done what I’m about to do, which is ask the entire Cannabis Community for help… even if going ‘public’ brings more legal risk to Halent.

Yes, we’re the ones helping young Ben (Weed Country/Discovery Channel) with a successful CBD treatment for his Epilepsy… but what we are doing ISN’T sustainable… we’re out of resources, money, supplies and we have a lot of very sick …children with Epilepsy, like Ben, that could die without treatment.

Just to start with, IF you have Cannatonic-C6 that you can somehow spare, we need it… and yes, for those lucky enough to have C6, I honestly, sincerely understand what I am asking you to do… it wasn’t easy. With Cannatonic-C6, in the very quick short term, a treatment (I’ll admit not a prefect solution) can get close to the best/safest treatment available… until more, hire purity CBD remedies can be prepared (which is a long, expensive process).

IF you have other relatively pure forms of CBD that you can part with, we can find a way to clean it up, remove the THC and other undesirables… this will take longer and is why the C6 is the best highly short term options.

These kids don’t get to play like other kids, because if they were climbing a ladder to a tree fort and had a seizure, it could be deadly… same is true for riding a bike and swimming. Some of these children have to be fed with a feeding tube, and don’t get to enjoy eating candy or a red ripe apple. The biggest fear of every parent is that each and every time their child has a seizure, they might stop breathing and not start again. This medicinal remedy, High in CBD with very low in THC allows these children to be children, and allows their parent to be able to sleep at night without terrible fear for their children. It’s a gift of love, but more importantly, it’s a genuine life saver.

If there is anything you think you may be able to contribute, please talk to us. We’re all very tired, and running out of options and resources, which is a heartbreak after finally discovering we really can beat this terrible affliction. We now KNOW we can control this, beyond doubt, and do it safely.

I’m going to also ask something I virtually never ask… please repost this.

Reverend Dr. Kymron
Halent Labs