Quality Medical marijuna , kush, OG kush, purple kush for sale

Quality Medical marijuna , kush, OG kush, purple kush for sale

Have you ever seen an ad like this on facebook posted to a group?
My gut tells me that these are either spammer scammers or police looking to make busts.
What do you think?
Here is the latest person to post to the WeedQuest.com group on facebook:
!!Quality Medical marijuna , kush, OG kush, purple kush for sale
We have got good quality meds and we can deal with both close and
distant buyers.White Widow.
Purple Kush. Pride of Amsterdam.
Snow White.Strawberry Cough.
*Sour Kush.*Bubba Kush…
*Purple Haze…
*Russian kush…
*Himalayan Gold.
*O.G Kush..
*Sour Diesel.
AK-47 a.k.a Special-K.
*Great White Shark
.Bonana Kush.
*White Widow X Northern Lights?
#5.Bubblegum Kush.
California Orange Bud.Purple Skunk:Sour
Mist:*Super Haze:.White Russia:.White Widow.Jack Dream.we also have coke,4MMC …
Discret shipping/delivery.Donations vary in Strainsr, taste, aromas
and Potency.We aslo have highly potent Cannabis Oil,african cannabis
oil.inbox for details:
Email: [email protected]
Here is another post from this morning:
Greg Kush


We are now able to offer Medical Grade Cannabis
Oil, and it is different from anything we have ever
carried before! It is available as a treatment plan and
as well as in simple gram/ml amounts, packaged in
syringes/ Glass bottles with a glass dropper specially
designed for easy measuring of dosage. The
concentrated Medical Grade Cannabis Oil boasts
much higher concentrated levels THC , as well as
higher percentages of CBD, as well as CBN. The oil is
decarboxylated and intended for oral consumption or
topical application only. Unlike many of the products
we carry, the idea behind this method of treatment is
to build up a tolerance counter intuitive to the
average cannabis patient and our usual
recommendation, “less is more”.
In order for the medicine to do its work, the patient
must be able to ingest large amounts of the oil and
NOT be over medicated. This is accomplished by
gradually increasing the dosage each day, starting
with .1 grams a day and eventually reaching a much
larger target, perhaps as much as a gram a day,
depending on each individual’s needs. Once the
target is reached, the medicinal properties of the oil
can go to work on the root of the patient’s illness.
Already we have had amazing feedback from our
members regarding the effectiveness of the oil.
Admittedly it is not the most pleasant tasting
substance. We have been encouraging patients
interested in this method of treatment to follow the
guidelines regarding dosage, avoiding over-
medicating and maximizing the medicinal value of the
oil. The promising reports from our patients and
those on the internet are encouraging, and we look
forward to a hopefully excelarated, but controlled
studies within the science community surrounding
Medical Grade Cannabis Oil with conclusive proof of
the effectiveness of this god given plant. Although we
see the benefits of Medical Grade Cannabis Oil within
our membership daily when used to treat serious
diseases such as cancer. We would encourage the
Science community to validate what we already know
Medical Grade Cannabis Oil works!
If you want to buy and have further questions or
would like more information regarding full extract
cannabis oil and its use, Simply send a friend request
or contact us via email ( [email protected])

medical cannabis oil

All Natural

Welcome To All Natural

4151 S. Shingle Rd #2 Shingle Springs Ca 95682

Open daily 10am-8pm

via All Natural.


Tel: 530-676-4032

email: [email protected]

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Collective, Inc., Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Collective, Inc.

223 E. State St. Ste.100
Traverse City, MI 49684
Tel: 231-421-8555
[email protected]

At Collective Inc. we take the trouble out of obtaining the medicine that you need. Collective Inc. provides all the services that qualifying patients need to obtain their Medical Marihuana Patient Certification through the state of Michigan. Other services only provide the Doctors, others only provide Caregivers. At Collective Inc., we do it all for you expediently and efficiently.

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The Leonard Moore Co-op and Resource Center

The Leonard Moore Co-op and Resource Center
17 Ukiah Street
Mendocino, CA 95460
Tel: (707)937-4LMC
11am – 6pm


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Gta Seed Bank

We are a reputable seed company with great prices and great selections. We carry over 250 cannabis seed strains from local Canadian breeders to European breeders. If you are interested, please check out our website for more information, www.gtaseedbank.ca or call 1-647-859-8863.