Purple Sunset

Purple Sunset

Medical Cannabis Delivery in San Diego

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The Purple Sunset is a medical marijuana dispensary and wellness service provider located in North County San Diego, California. We were founded on the principle that there exists a healthier approach to personal wellness management than what conventional medicine and practice have dictated in recent history. Also, at no additional charge we provide speedy delivery service to our patients.

We have successfully assisted thousands of patients reduce or entirely eliminate their dependency on synthetic pharmaceuticals which they had been accustomed to taking to treat a myriad of debilitating conditions. By finding the most appropriate way to medicate with cannabis, promoting healthy ingestion habits and encouraging healthy activities, we at the Purple Sunset have been vital partners in improving the quality of life for our patients since 2010.

Meet Paul (Founder)

Paul has resided in San Diego his entire life. After graduating with a B.S. degree from Cal State San Marcos he began working as an Department Manager for international fortune 100 company for last 16 years. About 5 years ago he was introduced to the medical marijuana community and its devoted base of patients and caregivers. It was through those friendships that Paul realized the wonderful benefits that medical marijuana provides for patients and the support system those caregivers make available.

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